4.1.1 Jan 26, 2012 (current)

Why is this at version 4? I've been using several older versions for a while now. Decided to upload it.

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This Jalbum skin adds a wrapper around the flash software at

While the skin SimpleViewer already handles this flash software, I found it useful to have a skin that matches my other skins.

- Integrates Airtight Interactive's SimpleViewer into Jalbum.
- Comments support HTML, so that you can change font, color, size, etc.
- Optionally supports a directory tree.
- Optionally supports parent linking.
- Optionally supports help menu.
- Optionally supports a background image.
- WARNING: mouse clicks and/or key commands don't work in some browsers!
- All text have been localized and stored in the "texts" directory.

Some caveats:
- Do NOT use progressive mode under the Album Settings Images
panel. While the skin will work in Firefox, IE7 will not display your
images if you use progressive mode.
- It does not support video

Displays EXIF/IPTC datajAlbum widget supportSupports foldersFreewareUses JavascriptTransition effect(s)Uses Flash
Jan 26, 2012
Last updated
Jan 26, 2012

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