3.0.0 May 27, 2020 (current)

The current version reflects simplicity in numbering and not in sophistication. The primary change has been to acknowledge https and make the world a better and safer place.

2.1.2 Aug 18, 2019 (previous)
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A small fun skin to quickly flip through maybe 30 (or whatever) over-sized thumbnails. Reminds some folks of old Polaroid photos. Does not handle folders, does not use tables, uses javascript and is completely free (no $$). Validates as HTML5. Captions are limited to around three sentences. Check the sample album (tips on selecting photos, etc) and if interested, download it. It is very compact but well documented. Please read the about.txt file for further details on modification.

jAlbum widget supportUses JavascriptHas slideshowPlays video filesFreeware
May 19, 2013
Last updated
May 27, 2020
Commercial use is allowed.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.

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