A small fun skin to primarily flip through maybe 30 (or whatever) oversized thumbnails. Can include slides that can handle video and sound bites. Reminds some folks of old Polaroid photos. Does not handle folders, does not use tables, uses javascript and is completely free (no $$). Probably validates as something current. Captions are limited to around three sentences. Check the sample album (tips on selecting photos, etc) and if interested, download it. It is very compact and probably a good learning tool if so inclined.


Plays video filesHas slideshowjAlbum widget supportPlays audio filesFreeware
May 19, 2013
Last updated
Nov 10, 2022
Commercial use is allowed, but a jAlbum Pro license is needed.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


5.0.0 Nov 10, 2022 (current)

What everyone has been waiting for, an updated version of Shuffle. Among the exciting improvements, BeanShell is now replaced with the improved and more modern Groovy scripting. jQuery 1.8 is now eliminated as jQuery 3.6.1 is bundled in and some CSS anachronisms have been obliterated. Will any of your users be able to tell the difference? Probably not. Think of this as a nice tuneup to a well-running engine.

4.0.0 May 23, 2022 (previous)
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