10.0.0 Jan 3, 2020 (current)

Very minor tweaks and exploratory manipulations. Essentially meaning this is the same skin as version 9.

More skins made by mrag


Among many fun things, this skin allows MULTIPLE image pop ups on the index page. In plain English, you can create a photo collage using the pop ups. Please test out the sample album just made with the latest jAlbum version (12/18/19).

This skin allows for:
1) 'normal' albums with index and slide pages OR
2) an index page with lightbox (pop up) images OR
3) albums with both lightbox AND slide images (default behavior)
4) option to include a sectional magnifying function on the slide pages)
5) extensive commenting (using internal Side Notes and/or external txt and or IPTC)

Easy to use UI. Lightbox, magnifier and skin free for private or commercial use.

This skin has been vastly improved over time by significant (and on-going) contributions from JimBerry, JGromit and most recently by RobM.

jAlbum widget supportFreewareHas slideshowWeb page supportDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataSupports foldersPlays video filesUses Javascript
Jan 13, 2006
Last updated
Jan 3, 2020

Commercial use is allowed.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.
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mrag 6 months ago

ShowLite works fine with jAlbum 19.2 and has not been updated because it is kind of a hassle to go in and change this and that. There are no plans for any significant changes or improvements. As for the "thumbnail table" and its navigation issue with smartphones-do not use this skin on smartphones.


jGromit 7 months ago

The skin is semi-responsive - slide images are fine, but the thumbnail table can't be navigated properly on small devices like smartphones.