Among many fun and exciting things, this skin allows MULTIPLE, simultaneous image pop-ups on the index page. In normal English, you can create a photo collage using several images. One can also (easily) add a whole lot of extraneous nonsense (words & images). Please check out the sample album and at least check out the first slide image. Note with version 14, a lot of neat things have been tweaked, added, and adjusted. Like Groovy and validation (HTML5).

This skin allows for:
1) 'normal' albums with index and slide pages OR
2) an index page with lightbox (pop up) images OR
3) albums with both lightbox AND slide images (default behavior)
4) option to include a sectional magnifying function on the slide pages)
5) extensive commenting (using internal Side Notes and/or external txt files and or IPTC)

Easy to use UI. Lightbox, magnifier, and skin free for private or commercial use.

This skin has been vastly improved over time by significant contributions from JimBerry, JGromit (RIP) and more recently by RobM.


jAlbum widget supportFreewareDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataPlays video filesWeb page supportHas slideshowSupports folders
Jan 13, 2006
Last updated
Nov 26, 2022

Commercial use is allowed, but a jAlbum Pro license is needed.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


14.0.0 Nov 26, 2022 (current)

Here is the short version: To paraphrase President Biden, this update is a BFD compared to prior versions. Compiled UI, Groovied, HTML5 valid, plus a few other tweaks (including further beautification of the already totally* unique Settings menu). Skin remains totally free for any use (private, home, commercial) except NFT design. Donations in US currency are graciously accepted. Let's add, the two best developers on jAlbum reluctantly made huge contributions to this version to make it quite current. Anything bad is clearly their fault.

11.0.0 Jan 10, 2022 (previous)
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