3.0.2 Sep 23, 2020 (current)

- New changelog.
- Ancient bug fix: title was not properly html encoded due to typo/spelling error.
- Related: For alt attribute of images use comment instead of title. Probably this should default to comment and then go for title otherwise but for now it's only comments.
- Other minor internal changes (didn't affect album generation).
- Updated IAQ (corrected links).

I'm also looking into what to do about responsiveness. There are some things I do not like about Exposure as well (it's no longer maintained contributes to this) and I'm looking into another plugin/etc. to use instead and I hope to kill two birds with one stone.


Take a moment to rediscover your past and reflect upon your images in a uniquely designed photo album. With Reflections, you can reflect your images giving you a different view of your photos, pictures or images.

Includes black, blue, green, grey and red themes - or you can make your own theme.

The slide pages use the Exposure jQuery plugin built by jAlbum's former Kristoffer.

See release notes for all the new features of 2020 (for version 3.0.0, released 1 Sep 2020).

Uses JavascriptHas slideshowMulti-language albumsFreewareSupports folders
Dec 6, 2010
Last updated
Sep 23, 2020

Commercial use is allowed.
No modifications of the skin are allowed.