2.0.0 Aug 26, 2011 (current)

* Major version change for major addition. New filter - called Phong Filter - which implements the phong illumination model. This allows for specular highlights which is what's seen with reflections on water. Different stylesheets in the skin use different diffuse components (see pictures for what I mean) and all have a white light (when specular highlights is enabled which it is by default).
* In addition, the Reflection Filter has a better (in my view) shading method. It is not enabled by default but I think it looks much cleaner and it is perhaps more easy on the darkness (meaning not as dark and easier to see reflection). The opacity option is for darkness - the lower the value, the faster it will get darker.
* Some other internal changes that won't effect usage.

Note that the phong filter is a bit more cpu intensive based on how it works, but everyone I've shown so far likes it a lot.

Let me know if there's any problems!



2020 Revival of Reflections (new features coming!):

As of late June 2020 I have been working on a new version of this skin after all as well as the filters (neither of which I ever expected to do again).

Mostly what needs work is more documentation and new example screenshots (and albums). I have a lot going on but I hope to release it in the near future.

Here are some things to look for:

- You can specify which direction to reflect images (ReflectionFilter).

- The gradient paint (two colours) in the ReflectionFilter can now be specified.

- There's a new GradientPaintFilter that you can use even if the ReflectionFilter is disabled.

- The paint settings (old and new) are now separate from the ReflectionFilter (however if you enable reflections currently the paint only applies to the reflection; if you disable it then it applies to the original image).

- You can make the GradientPaint cyclical (alternates between the two colours rather than transition from the first into the second).

- More modern html (and newly validated).

- Possibly some other things I am forgetting.


Take a moment to rediscover your past and reflect upon your images in a uniquely designed photo album. With Reflections, you can reflect your images giving you a different view of your photos, pictures or images. Includes a light and dark theme to get you started, or you can make your own theme.

The slide pages use the Exposure jQuery plugin built by JAlbum's Kristoffer. The images are reflected with a filter I wrote a while back. The Reflection filter will, by default settings, darken the image as if it's against or on a glossy block (black by default). You can change the colour of this (see Colors tab in the skin UI) or disable it all-together (Uncheck General tab -> Reflecting -> Paint reflection)

You can also disable the Reflection filter if you prefer a normal photo.

The generated pages are CSS and XHTML compliant as well.

Uses JavascriptMulti-language albumsHas slideshow
Dec 6, 2010
Last updated
Aug 26, 2011

Commercial use is allowed.
No modifications of the skin are allowed.
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