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German only: There is now an online documentation of jalbum and the postcard skin. See

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Skin originally developed by Jeremy Wilker for iView Media Pro (vs. 1.5). Adapted for Jalbum by Andreas Häne.

I wrote this skin because I was looking for an alternative to iView Media Pro. Now I use GraphicConverter (Mac only; for Windows use IrfanView instead) to write IPTC data to each photo and Jalbum to create the web gallery.

• Available in English and in German. Fully localizable.
• Possibility to add the following to the index page:
   - a link to go back to your home directory.
   - an additional text/a link.
• Possibility to add the following to every slide page:
   - comments (IPTC caption, JPEG comment, external text file)
   - a link to go back to the parent directory.
   - author/photographer (IPTC By-line)
   - date (EXIF date/file modifikation date/current date)
• Slide page preloads next image.
• Clickable images for easy navigation.
• Original images open in a new pop-up window.
• Possibility to make good-looking albums of albums (collections of albums).
• Partially CSS-based.
• Including six different styles.

New styles and localizations are most welcome.

Enjoy it!

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Oct 4, 2008
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