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Photoblogger is a responsive skin based on Zurb foundation 6. It has numerous social integration options, image slider, map, shopping cart, feedback, search and tag cloud box. There are two different layout and features sets are avalaible: one for the higher level folders, called "Blog style layout" with all the social boxes, and a simpler for the deeper folders. You can control the depth for which the blog layout is applied.

Please note, in LOCAL PREVIEW some browsers (Chrome, IE) WILL FAIL, because they block local (JSON) database access due to security reasons. Test either in FireFox or jAlbum's built-in browser, or launch Chrome with the "--disable-web-security" command line option. Learn more in the Forum sticky.

Touch interface supportPlays audio filesSupports foldersPlays video filesUses JavascriptDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataTransition effect(s)Has slideshowDisplays mapWeb page supportBackground musicSearch within albumIntegrated shopping cartResponsive layoutjAlbum widget supportFreeware
Nov 18, 2014
Last updated
Mar 23, 2020

Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


2.8.4 Mar 23, 2020 (current)

- Show/hide download button didn't work as intended
- Date range formatting wrong in languages separating the time with comma, e.g. 18.45
- "undefined" in date range

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Cathy Reedy

Cathy Reedy 20 days ago

Love Photoblogger and appreciate Laca's help. Since last update, I'm having trouble getting subfolders to show up. Did I select or unselect something I didn't mean to or is this an issue?

Cathy Reedy

Cathy Reedy 20 days ago

Never mind. My error.

Riccardo Conner

Riccardo Conner 28 days ago

This is really amazing & very helping content, keep posting such content.

Riccardo Conner

Riccardo Conner 28 days ago

This is really amazing & very helping content, keep posting such content.

Alessandra Degli Esposti

Alessandra Degli Esposti 9 months ago

Hi. I have installed the last version of photoblogger (2.5.2) on jalbum on Jalbum 18.3.1 and realized that the link to facebook does not work. Unfortunately the new rules of facebook (May 2019?) make the present link to share the album useless. Somehow I recovered the problem by modifying the index.html considering: as: Sorry, it is not elegant, but it works. Can you consider a better solution to implement into your skin? Thank you. Alessandra

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 9 months ago

I'll check what can I do, but your solution is not the same thing as the skin's. It's more like a Like button. Anyway, the Facebook button DOES work. You just have to provide an App ID, as per Facebook's new requirement. Really easy to grab one, just hit the link next to the App ID box.

Riccardo Conner

Riccardo Conner 28 days ago

This is really amazing & very helping content, keep posting such content.

Thomas Bradley

Thomas Bradley 2 months ago

With the recent enhancements to the PhotoBlogger skin giving visitors the ability to rate the images and provide feedback to the photographer, it works extremely well for selling images. It's very powerful and flexible but remains easy to use with an intuitive search function. Just type in what you want to do and the search function navigates you to the proper location within the app. Cool idea! Over the years, I tried a variety of other products but always seem to migrate back to JAlbum for one simple reason. The ability to actually communicate directly with the developer is unheard of within the industry but it is the absolute strength of jAlbum and skins such as PhotoBlogger. Enhancements are based on real world feedback and produced very quickly. When minor bugs are found, you normally address them within a DAY! Other software developers could take a lesson from the JAlbum team. Well done! Tom