* Designed to present audio files, each with its own thumbnail, title, comment, and control bar. Add images, then right-click each thumbnail and attach an audio clip to the image. Clips can be as short or as long as you like.
* Options for a playlist, shuffle play, and looping.
* To avoid problems, use MP3 files, and keep the file names simple.
* Full complement of theme image, folder, and information page options.
* Fully responsive albums.
* Produces valid HTML5/CSS3; supports all current browsers.


Supports foldersResponsive layoutPlays audio filesFreewareTouch interface supportTheme image support
Jun 14, 2023
Last updated
Feb 6, 2024

Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


19.0.0 Feb 6, 2024 (current)

* CSS improvements, particularly when using a logo, to address some inconsistencies.
* Some internal code cleanup.

18.0.0 Jan 22, 2024 (previous)
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