* Designed to present audio files, each with its own thumbnail, title, comment, and control bar. Add images, then right-click each thumbnail and attach an audio clip to the image. Clips can be as short or as long as you like.
* Options for a playlist, shuffle play, and looping.
* To avoid problems, use MP3 files, and keep the file names simple.
* Full complement of theme image, folder, and information page options.
* Fully responsive albums.
* Produces valid HTML5/CSS3; supports all current browsers.


Touch interface supportTheme image supportSupports foldersResponsive layoutFreewarePlays audio files
Jun 14, 2023
Last updated
Sep 28, 2023

Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


10.0.0 Sep 28, 2023 (current)

* Images without audio clips, if displayed in the album, now don't respond to mouse-hovering - no "hand" cursor, no inflation or grayscale.
* UI changes to make better use of recent jAlbum core updates (custom skin icon, scrolling panels).
* More efficient routine for excluding unsupported objects. Unsupported objects are not included in the album, but they're no longer excluded in the "Explore" view. To avoid seeing the warning message each time you make the album, either delete the unsupported objects, or mark them as "excluded" manually. A list of the unsupported objects appears in the system console when the album is built.
* Fix for an out-of-sync animation bug when using record player mode and the automated playlist and/or shuffle play.

9.0.0 Sep 3, 2023 (previous)
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