NoteBook Gallery is a jQuery based skin for displaying content in a flipbook style layout.
Responsive image zooming, social sharing.

Gallery Page Options:

Use any Google Font in your gallery,
Use any Image as your Page Background,
Option for users to be able to change Colors, Font or Background,
Social Links for each Book page,
NavBar with an Index Page,
searchable by keywords and keyboard,
Built in About Page,
Help Link.

NoteBook Options:

Image Zooming to View Large Images.
Videos, and Youtube/Vimeo videos on page
Social Sharing for each Notebook page,
Front and Back NoteBook Cover Option,
Turn Pages using Mouse Cursor , Keyboard or Autoplay Slideshow,
Next and Previous Link Icons,
Chapter and Page Menus,
EXIF Info Option,
Print Full Size Images,
Scrollable Image Description Text.


Supports foldersPlays video filesDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataHas slideshowSearch within albumTransition effect(s)
Jun 19, 2011
Last updated
Mar 18, 2017

Commercial use is allowed only if you pay a 3rd party license and have a jAlbum Pro license.
You have to pay a fee to a 3rd party to get rid of the nag screen. Read more on the skin's home page.


4.0.0 Mar 18, 2017 (current)

Javascript and CSS files have been updated and bug fixes. Notebook 4 shows images, videos, Youtube and Vimeo videos. Allows smooth image zooming from thumbnail to full sized images. Videos play on the Notebook page. Social sharing is integrated on each page. Search by text, keyword, bookmark favorites on a book index page. Option to individualize front and back covers for each image gallery. The integrated shopping cart has been removed.

3.3.0 Feb 18, 2014 (previous)
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