1.2.1 Oct 4, 2018 (current)

Fixed compatibility issue with jAlbum 15 and older versions

1.2.0 Sep 19, 2018 (previous)
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Flexible and easily embeddable HTML5 based skin showing the album as a Ken Burns slideshow.

Requires a fairly modern HTML5 capable web browser (support for WebGL or canvas). Internet Explorer 8 and older are not supported, for example. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer (9 and up) should work fine.

Uses JavascriptFreewareBackground musicTransition effect(s)jAlbum widget supportTouch interface supportHas slideshowSupports folders
Sep 18, 2013
Last updated
Oct 4, 2018
Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
No modifications of the skin are allowed.
To get rid of the nag screen you have to pay for a jAlbum license.

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