Most of the jAlbum skins are intended to show photograph albums. However, I needed to show an artist's portfolio, and the requirements are a bit different. Although Mirage was initially intended to display art, it also works very well for photo albums, as long as you don't want to show photo meta-data (e.g. aperture, focal length).

1) Why use the Mirage skin?
- If you want to create an art gallery, I think this is the best available skin.
- Mirage and its 3rd party plug-ins are completely free for personal and commercial use.
- Albums are compliant with HTML5.
- The "variants" feature allows a slide page to contain thumbnails of related images, videos and web pages. Clicking a thumbnail causes the variant to replace the main image. An optional slideshow cycles through the variants. This provides a more focussed view than an index page.
- The "superimposed" feature allows you to combine a main image and a secondary image on the same slide page. This can provide extra impact.
- Albums can be viewed in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPad and iPhone.
- Mirage implements jAlbum Video Support, so it plays most types of video.
- With any skin, it is possible to combine multiple albums into a master album, but this can be complicated. Mirage simplifies this task by allowing a project to contain Windows shortcuts or Internet shortcuts; this lets you easily copy and paste links to your albums (or portions of albums). Each linked album can be created with any skin.
- An album can contain thumbnail links to web pages. This allows you to include external content that complements your photo collection.
- The number of index page columns can be automatically adjusted, so that the thumbnails fit the width of any browser window.

2) Other features:
- An album can contain:
-> Images (JPG, GIF, PNG).
-> Videos: Any video that is compatible with jAlbum Video Support is converted to MP4.
-> PDF files.
-> Links to other albums or web pages.
-> "Zoomify" images. These can be zoomed and panned, so that you can examine fine detail.
- Video and PDF files are usually embedded, so that they blend with the album's overall appearance.
- A streamed YouTube or Vimeo video can easily be added to an album by a click and drag.
- 44 styles are included.
- Albums display correctly in all the major web browsers.
- Index pages:
-> Each folder is shown as a "folder icon" that contains an embedded thumbnail of any image.
-> A "For Sale" or "Sold" label is superimposed on the thumbnails of paintings that are for sale.
-> A "New" label is superimposed on the thumbnails of new album objects.


jAlbum widget supportSupports foldersTouch interface supportMulti-language albumsHas slideshowPlays video filesFreeware
Apr 5, 2006
Last updated
May 14, 2020

Commercial use is allowed, but a jAlbum Pro license is needed.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


10.0.0 May 14, 2020 (current)

- Removed Mirage's internal antiquated video support; this was only used if jAlbum Video Support was disabled.
- Flash is never used. Previously it was sometimes used to play videos if Video Support was disabled.
- Added a help button on index and slide pages. This shows the keyboard and touch screen options. It can be enabled in the Mirage General settings.
- Added breadcrumbs. This can be enabled in the Mirage General settings.
- On index pages, the navigation buttons have been moved from the right to the centre.
- Modern browsers do not allow video autoplay unless you have interacted with the page. Video playing has been improved to accommodate this.
- If the project contains a file type that Mirage cannot process (e.g. a video if Video Support is disabled, or a text document), previously this left a "hole" in the album. Now these are removed during album initialization, so the album does not need to be made again. They are reported as warnings instead of errors.
- Added an "HTML Language" setting. This language code is inserted into the HTML page headers.
- Improved navigation behaviour if "Chain directories" is selected. Previously some album objects were bypassed.
- If "Chain directories" is selected, an error message is shown during album generation if a variant or superimposed image is not beside its main image in the Explore window, since this may cause the web browser to skip some album objects or it may cause a "page not found" error.
- The jAlbum setting "Force JPEG images" is respected for variant images (for jAlbum 18.3 and later).
- Because Chrome uses Swipe Down to refresh the page, Swipe Up is an alternative to go to the index page.

- In old versions of jAlbum, some of the styles (Bronze, Chocolate, Dark Green, Marine, Olive, Plum, Sepia, Smoke) showed the jAlbum folder icon instead of the Mirage folder icon. This happened if the jAlbum folder icon had been modified after the Mirage folder icon. This was fixed in jAlbum 14. To work around this bug for earlier versions, the modified dates of these Mirage folder icons have been changed to a later date.
- An album object that is a "Windows link" was sometimes ignored (this just affects Linked albums and Zoomify images). E.g. links in the "Pictures" folder always failed. A different 3rd party library is now used to evaluate links; this is reliable.
- Sometimes the user-selected folder icon was ignored if it was a variant. (since jAlbum 16)
- Sometimes the user-selected thumbnail for a YouTube or Vimeo video was ignored.
- Sometimes "swipe right" was interpreted as "swipe down", which left you on the current page. This is fixed in the third party library "jQuery Mobile Events".
- If the user chose a variant while a YouTube or Vimeo video was loading, navigation on the page became unreliable.
- If an index page contained two columns and comments were shown and no column width was specified, one column may have been too narrow.
- Fixed 3 resource leaks during album generation (this affects YouTube, Vimeo, Zif files).

- The Java classes have been restructured.
- The style files do not contain any CSS code; they just contain variables that are used by the CSS files.
- Calculation of CSS values is done entirely in the CSS files instead of partially in Java classes.
- A lot of code for obsolete web browsers and video players has been removed from CSS and JavaScript files.

- Appendix 5 in Mirage.pdf contained obsolete documentation about limited support for swiping. This has been removed. Reliable swiping has been available since Mirage 8 (except for the swiping problem mentioned above).
- A few other obsolete sections of the documentation have been corrected.
- The sample albums have been refreshed.

- Mirage no longer supports:
jAlbum versions older than 11.6.17 (previously 9.6.1 and later were supported); however, you can copy the 8 updated folder.png files to Mirage 9.3.2 to fix the first bug listed above.
Windows XP, Vista
Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10

9.3.2 Feb 20, 2020 (previous)
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