18.0.0 Jul 1, 2020 (current)

* On mobile devices, slide image padding is reduced to a maximum of 2px, to make full use of the screen real estate.
* Some small user interface improvements (long combo boxes).
* Simplified version control.

More skins made by jGromit


* Choice of parallax or fixed-height theme images.
* Produces fully responsive albums with swipe support.
* Option to use fixed-shape thumbnails or fully-justified, non-fixed-shape thumbnails.
* Larger folder thumbnails, with option to display them with spacing and aspect ratio different from regular thumbnails.
* Supports JPG's, PNG's, GIF's (including animated GIF's), and MP4's. The display of each of these objects is fully responsive.
* Support is provided for Google fonts and WOFF files.
* Allows the user to insert custom CSS and index page text from within the user interface.
* Produces valid HTML5/CSS3: supports all current browsers.

Touch interface supportResponsive layoutTransition effect(s)Plays video filesUses JavascriptFreewareSupports folders
Sep 12, 2019
Last updated
Jul 1, 2020

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