3.1.0 Dec 17, 2021 (current)

- During the slideshow the album tries to avoid screen lock / sleep mode. Works in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, but no support in Safari and a bunch of mobile browsers yet.

- Auto-starting videos will start muted in the case the browser refuses to play them with sound

3.0.1 Dec 8, 2021 (previous)
2.3.3 Jul 6, 2021 (previous main version)
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Lucid skin is a full frame responsive skin, similar to the outdated Fully skin. You can use the "Share / Embed" code to insert this album into your site, however the responsiveness can't be guaranteed this way.

If there are no images the folders will be displayed with large thumbnails. Otherwise the album will start right in the lightbox. If you have images and folders both in a folder the subfolders can only be accessed through the "Folder tree" panel.

Displays EXIF/IPTC dataHas slideshowUses JavascriptResponsive layoutTouch interface supportDisplays mapWeb page supportPlays video filesTransition effect(s)FreewareBackground musicSupports folders
Sep 30, 2019
Last updated
Dec 17, 2021
Commercial use is allowed.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.

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