3.10.0 Oct 16, 2016 (current)

- new: LightFlow is free of charge
- bugfix: catch ScriptException, required since new jAlbum version (13.5)
- bugfix: add unimplmented messages org.apache.http.message required since java 1.8
- bugfix: since jAlbum has its own image filters, LightFlow must not remove other image filters before image processing starts else jAlbum filters would not be not applied (however, this implies that jAlbum has to remove image filters from previously selected skins properly)

More skins made by kaya


Albums built with LightFlow allow the visitor to flip through photos just with the mouse wheel or with the arrow keys. Clicking an item will zoom in smoothly to show it in a bigger format. Graphical effects like image reflection or image watermarking / stamping don't require server side technologies like PHP or such.
You can structure your album into different folders and divide it into multiple index pages. You can display captions for thumbnails and descriptions for folders. You also can include non-image files as for example videos (also by linking to Youtube, Daily Motion etc.), pdf or zip files in your album. Colors for background, fonts and links are freely selectable, so you can exactly match your website design. Both thumbnail and slide images can be watermarked or stamped with customized texts or logos.
Since v3.5.0 album visitors may search through all photos and filter them dependent on their search terms. This feature does NOT require any server side technologies such as a database, php or such. Just choose which info should be searchable (title, name, comment, keywords, exif, info+ etc.), generate the album, upload it and you're done :)
And of course, last but not least, LightFlow produces w3c validated XHTML 1.0 transitional.

Supports foldersPrint orderingSearch within albumHas slideshowTouch interface supportMulti-language albumsBackground musicFreewareTransition effect(s)Integrated shopping cartDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataUses JavascriptjAlbum widget supportPlays audio files
Jan 28, 2008
Last updated
Oct 16, 2016

Commercial use is allowed.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.
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David Szafranski

David Szafranski 3 months ago

Seems to be broken in FireFox 76.0.1.


jGromit 3 months ago

The problem goes back further than that. Not sure which version of Firefox killed the skin, but it may be something in the early v.70's or even late v.60's. The Lightflow developer is aware of it, but the skin is "legacy," and is unsupported. The chances of a skin fix are slim to none. Time to find a new skin.