15.0.0 Oct 26, 2021 (current)

Added logo options. Can be left, centre, or right aligned within the theme image. If overriding the theme image on the landing page the logo must be left or right aligned.

14.0.0 Aug 12, 2021 (previous)
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Journal is a skin designed for both images and the written word, that is to make journals, manuals and blogs etc.

It is not your regular skin! For projects with folders it can create a landing page which links to an index (table of contents) page which has links for each chapter/topic (folder).

For a project with no folders the landing page and index (TOC) page are automatically bypassed, regardless of their settings as they are not needed for a single page journal.

The skin produces custom thumbnails, when needed. It makes use of slide images, though it does not use slide pages.

Face/Region support; the skin can show named areas and optionally unnamed areas. Unnamed regions are sequentially numbered per image. You can link to the regions within the image or link to a related image/text on the same page.

A 'real world' example, is

Theme image supportResponsive layoutUses JavascriptMulti-language albumsPlays video filesFreewareSupports foldersPlays audio files
Jun 3, 2019
Last updated
Oct 26, 2021

Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.

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