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You can also install the skin by unzipping this file into the skin folder.

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Journal is a skin designed for both images and the written word, that is to make journals, manuals and blogs etc.

It is not your regular skin! For projects with folders it can create a landing page which links to an index (table of contents) page which has links for each chapter/topic (folder).

For a project with no folders the landing page and index (TOC) page are automatically bypassed, regardless of their settings as they are not needed for a single page journal.

The skin does not produce thumbnails nor does it make use of slide pages, though it does use slide images.

There is a sample project at

A 'real world' example, available until Jan 2021, is

Plays video filesResponsive layoutPlays audio filesMulti-language albumsSupports foldersWeb page supportFreeware
Jun 3, 2019
Last updated
Dec 17, 2019

Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


7.0.0 Dec 17, 2019 (current)

Improved layout of float image options which now also work with limit length of text on a line. New image alignment and template option to float images to the right but keep the title on the left.

Various other minor changes.

If using any templates to override the selected image alignment then you should replace those templates with a new one from this update.

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Chris Treffers

Chris Treffers one month ago

Version 6! Great! Lots of promissis. I am going to test it!


RobM one month ago

I aim to reply to you forum post today, been a hectic few days.

Chris Treffers

Chris Treffers 2 months ago

I worked with the skin. Fantastic! The help of RobH is great and fast. Now text is floating beautifull around the images. It a good possiblility to make a magazine.


RobM 2 months ago

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.


fotofun2 8 months ago

I downloaded your zip file. Will look at it later. I'm thinking my initial use will be as an introductory to the various albums I've uploaded - such as more descriptive info as well as a "How to Navigate the Albums". For instance, Projector skin doesn't have a specific page for Information about the contents of an album which some of the other skins do. I'm sure I could put together an html page to work though with different albums and skins, I can use Journal to cover all the bases as well as enhance the information with images.


RobM 8 months ago

If you have any questions just drop a post in the ‘Other skins’ forum.


fotofun2 8 months ago

I can visualize, in my mind, where your skin conceivably replace the Google Blog which has become somewhat of a monstrosity over time. So much so that I quit using Google for any kind of a blog. However, your skin looks more user friendly. I'm thinking of using it to produce a few Hot Tips for new photographers. Having a few smaller Blog projects for various subjects is much better than having one gigantic blog which becomes cumbersome to edit as well as maintain. Thanks for creating your skin. It may have opened up an entirely new dimension for those of us in the techy world to address our methods of educating easily and simply.


RobM 8 months ago

I have updated the post񑡭 to include a zipped version of the project I made for the sample album/manual. It might be worth a look so you can see how I use it.


fotofun2 8 months ago

I get the sense that one could use this skin to produce a marvelous "how to create" a skin for jAlbum.


RobM 8 months ago

Yes, I had in mind things like ‘How to…’ such as how to use my external tools for jAlbum - - which is on my todo list. You can see how a subject like creating a skin ( ) can be done with this skin. Thanks for looking at the skin.