1.11.0 Apr 20, 2020 (current)

- "Link to external homepage" is included in the breadcrumbs.
- Improved zoom cursors, when hovering over an image.
- If a title or comment is shown below a thumbnail, it is not shown in the hover text.
- The language in the settings defaults to the jAlbum language instead of the system language.
- The header of each HTML page contains the language.
- Added This should enable console mode (but it has not been tested).

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This skin has reached the end of its life. It works well with jAlbum 20 and there are no known bugs, but no further changes will be made.

Skin has many features which can be turned on and off with user variables. Many powerful functions can be accessed without having to edit any of the skin files. User can select from a "free flowing" mode where thumbs flow across the page as the browser is resized, or from two different fixed table modes.

There are many many other features too numerous to mention here - a full list of features and documentation for this skin is located at the website.

Developed by Mark Fyvie and subsequently maintained by Chris Twist.

jAlbum widget supportDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataUses JavascriptHas slideshowSupports foldersMulti-language albumsFreeware
Oct 31, 2003
Last updated
Apr 20, 2020

Commercial use is allowed.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.

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