Create Pinterest-like galleries, load page after pages with infinite scroll, lightbox full screen images with optional description and EXIF details over a smooth ambient gradient that blends with your picture colors, one after the other, or in a slideshow, and optionally download full size images. Skin also has a minimal video player that fits in fancybox for your moving images...

HTML5 as fluid as masonry and fancybox are.


Supports foldersTransition effect(s)FreewareDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataHas slideshowMulti-language albumsPlays video files
Sep 14, 2013
Last updated
Feb 18, 2015

Modifications of the skin are allowed.


1.3.5 Feb 18, 2015 (current)

Revamped "alternate style" to look very much like Pinterest.
Color background of individual image to dominant color of image while loading (see previous images).
Blurrs fancybox background on supporting browsers. Wow!
Added "photographer" button icon with optional link to gallery.
Consolidated minor corrections from previous versions.
Go to updated skin homepage for documentation on skin settings.

1.3.4 Feb 8, 2015 (previous)
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