5.1.0 Oct 10, 2019 (current)

- In original slide pages, the "Up one level" button failed: "File not found" (since jAlbum 17.1).
- The Viewer Remarks administrator's console contained HTML syntax errors (unclosed tags). These may have caused problems in some web browsers (since 4.4 or earlier).
- The Viewer Remarks administrator's console contained obsolete PHP code that stopped working in PHP 5.3.

- Viewer Remarks is compatible with PHP 7. This update was previously provided in a forum thread. There have been no subsequent changes.

- Some scripts used an obsolete technique for including variables, i.e. $varname. These have been changed to ${varname}. This would probably have caused problems in future versions of jAlbum.

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BluPlusPlus is one of the most popular jAlbum skins. It is fully documented with great details and examples, and is highly configurable with an extremely friendly and intuitive user interface. Movies, custom frames (with preview), voice/music annotations, comments, and viewer remarks are among its features. It comes with 14 themes, multiple icon sets and an elegant frame collection.

Refer to UserGuide.txt or hints.jap for a brief explanation on configuring BluPlusPlus. Complete documentation is available on the HOMEPAGE, which includes usage, applications, definitions, FAQs and numerous examples. This can also be reached from the "About" tab in the BPP settings in jAlbum.

Developed by Armond Avanes.
Maintained by Chris Twist since 2015.
Currently not maintained.

Has slideshowPlays audio filesBackground musicPlays video filesMulti-language albumsjAlbum widget supportFreewareDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataTransition effect(s)Supports foldersUses Javascript
Aug 24, 2003
Last updated
Oct 10, 2019

Commercial use is allowed.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.

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