If you like you can try out Beamer. Beamer is a skin for JAlbum. It is specially designed for fullscreen viewing and presentations to an audience (e.g. family or friends). No visible elements other than your images. Has mouse or keyboard control. Optional auto-play mode with adaptable delay. Optional display of comment or filename. Optional display/hide control panel for mouse control. Optional infinite loop or stop at last image. Works on Netscape 7 and Microsoft IE 5. Uses URL rewriting for state accross pages (I did not use cookies because people sometimes disable cookies). All options selectable at viewing time.


Johan Vanroose

(Of course all feedback is welcome.)


Has slideshowDisplays EXIF/IPTC data
Dec 11, 2003
Last updated
Jan 4, 2006


1.5 Jan 4, 2006 (current)

Compatible with JAlbum V6.
Some minor cleanup.

1.4 Jan 19, 2004 (previous)
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