The Annotated Album skin produces an album in which arbitrarily long descriptive information associated with an image is displayed in a scrollable "annotation" area alongside the image. The description is stored as an HTML file and thus can be formatted and can include links, lists, tables, etc. Image descriptions can be prepared independently, or they can be entered or updated during album generation, allowing you to supply a heading/title for each image (which will also be used as its index page thumbnail caption). More information about this skin and downloadable versions of it (including a Mac version) are at


Jan 9, 2004
Last updated
Apr 10, 2009



3.1.2 Apr 10, 2009 (current)

Version 3.1.2 (4/9/09) adds control of description width to the Annotated Album page of the Album Settings option.

3.1.1 Apr 8, 2009 (previous)
2.3 Mar 11, 2004 (previous main version)
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