Awesome design

We have dozens of skins to match every taste and purpose. You need something simple or something jaw-dropping? We got you covered. Browse our skins section to find one for your heart’s content!

Looks great on any device

Responsive web design guarantees the generated albums fit for mobiles, tablets and desktops equally.

Check out Story, Projector, Mercury, Atom, FancyBox, Neptune, Comet, Animatics, Lucid, Projector, Zigzag, Saturn, Tiger, PhotoSwipe or Photoblogger skin!

Packed with functionality

Focus on images

Let visitors immerse in a slideshow that puts focus on your great images. Pure and slick, it still offers handful of features.

Create complex galleries

You can create huge albums in jAlbum complete with search and keyword tagging features so your visitors can easily navigate through the album.

Sell your images

With jAlbum it's truly easy to sell your images (or the items they show). It only takes a couple of minutes to set up an album that is fitted with a shopping cart. You decide the pricing and products to sell.

Filtering and Sort

In large albums or webshops it’s sometimes hard to find the content you’re after. Filtering and sort lets visitors find images by labels, categories, price or anything; you can define your own custom variables too for this purpose.

Be social

Share your albums over major social networks, display feeds, let your visitors leave comments.

Tag everything

Adding tags to images makes it a snap finding an image in a complex album. Visitors will be able to search by keywords or simply click a tag in the "tag cloud". You can also utilize face tags added in jAlbum or Lightroom.

Tell your story

Add captions to images to tell the whole story. Display the photo's location on the map. jAlbum automatically extracts GPS data added to photos.

Use multimedia

Add videos, background music or whatever content you wish – they integrate with photos smoothly. You can even include external websites or YouTube videos in the album.

Cool panorama images

Use your 360° camera photos in Tiger or Photoblogger skin for an immersive experience! Normal panorama images are supported by even more skins, just make sure the Image bounds are wide enough – e.g. 6000px will do – so jAlbum won’t crop them!

Create full websites

Create fully customizable, professional web photo sites complete with “about” and “contact” pages, shopping cart, social integration and map support.

Image protection

jAlbum offers a range of methods to help protecting your images from being stolen: images can be watermarked and have your logo stamped onto them in batch. You can have copyright notices added to the metadata of your images. Images can be scaled to “suitable for web only” sizes and the use of the right mouse button to save images can be disabled (supported by some skins only). On you can easily protect your albums with a password.

Create a single page site

In Story skin you can mix various types of content and can integrate custom pages into a spectacular single page, blog-like layout. If words do come easy for you, you'll love Story skin.

See for yourself how easy it is to create such great looking albums!

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