Travel photos with Photojack

Join world renowned photographer Jack Hollingsworth for community "Theme shoots". This is the THIRD theme:

"Travel photography is one of those truly magical, mysterious, even mystical moments where it all comes down to your personal vision. Looking back over my career as a commercial shooter, its that – the travel photography experiences, me and the world – that stand out the most..." Read the entire event introduction by Jack in the Jalbum blog.

Help make this event a vibrant and fun learning experience. Submit albums, give feedback in albums and join the conversation in the group discussions. Jack will hand pick three winners for each theme. Winners will be featured albums on, announced in the Jalbum blog and newsletter and awarded with a one year Premium account. Good luck!

- Deadline to participate in the Group competition: 3rd of October.
- Albums should contain pictures of Travel Photography, and only that.
- Use the brand new Photojack skin, available both in the online and desktop version of Jalbum. It's not a requirement to participate, but Jack strongly prefers that viewing experience. It's designed by him :)

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Jack Hollingsworth

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Bryce Canyon National Park - Utah, USA

sytmen commented on the album Bryce Canyon National Park - Utah, USA

Beautiful colors and album

8 days ago

Goblin Valley State Park - Utah, USA

ykarelic4 added the album Goblin Valley State Park - Utah, USA

one month ago


jacques (guest) commented on the album Polynesie

Bonjour et merci d'avoir laissé vos photos libre de droit. J'en ai utilisé en projection pour rappeler à mes élèves la richesse de leur île. cordia...

Read comment

2 months ago

Mailand November 2016

greensnake added the album Mailand November 2016

2 months ago

Belgrad 3 Mobil 2017

greensnake added the album Belgrad 3 Mobil 2017

2 months ago

Belgrad 2017

greensnake added the album Belgrad 2017

2 months ago


sytmen commented on the album Moscow

Great album, I loved it
Happy new year and Keep Well

2 months ago


greensnake added the album Moscow

2 months ago

Moskau 2

greensnake added the album Moskau 2

2 months ago

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