A group dedicated to showing the greatness of the smallest things in life. Macro photography.

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Annkie Hasselkrantz

Annkie Hasselkrantz joined

2 months ago

edith luethi
Makros August 2018

edith luethi added the album Makros August 2018

5 months ago


Menozen (guest) commented on the album Insectes

C'est une chrysalide de Sphinx (Lépidoptère)

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6 months ago

edith luethi
experimentelles mit seiffenblasen

edith luethi added the album experimentelles mit seiffenblasen

7 months ago

edith luethi
tropfen und pflanzen

edith luethi added the album tropfen und pflanzen

7 months ago

edith luethi
Makrofotos und Bokeh

edith luethi added the album Makrofotos und Bokeh

8 months ago

edith luethi

edith luethi joined

8 months ago


greensnake commented on the album Veldbloemen

fantastic photos. A very good style. Kind regards, Matthias

8 months ago


Ingridvandamme added the album Veldbloemen

8 months ago

Carla Jongman

Carla Jongman joined

9 months ago

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