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My first 5 hours Biking Experience (4 reply/replies)

Chris Marrs
7 years ago Chris Marrs

I can say that I am a beginner biker. I just had my first 5 hour biking experience last friday with my fellow bikers here in place. And DAMN! It was so cool. I need more!!!

7 years ago gcolin

Welcome in cycling world. I hope you'll enjoy this activity for many years

7 years ago bobmuir

You've been bitten by the bug now! Once you become a cyclist you are always a cyclist. I rode my first race in 1969 - 25miles in 1hr 5 mins - and my last race in August on my 60th birthday - 10miles in 29:57. When I ran marathons in the 90's I was a cyclist running Marathons. When I did long distance walking I was a cyclist going walkies. Now when health severely limits my activities I am and always will be a cyclist.

Chris Marrs
7 years ago Chris Marrs

I am a cyclist, and that's forever.. I had a 2 hours bike trail yesterday with some friends.. And It was indeed very fun..I got few scratches on my elbow because of an accident but it's generally part of this.. My heart is on cycling now...

7 years ago snakesafe

Welcom to the cycling world. Now at age 69 and with a lung condition, I no longer ride as much, but after 40 years of competitive cycling, it's still in my blood. I spend my time now finding and restoring old racing bikes. Funny, when I mention cycling to new friends, they think I mean motorcycles and I have to explain that I mean the man powered ones.