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Biking in Mallorca (3 reply/replies)

9 years ago gcolin

Good evening Some tracks and photos of Majorca, or I am doing an internship Stephen Roche). during 10 days. It's really ideal for cycling. It's very hilly or mountainous places. In short an ideal place for cycling. There are also many cyclists of all Nationnality. Good night and goodbye Gerard

9 years ago AdventureFeeling

I live in an island but small next to Majorca (Menorca) here she is only adapted for Mountain bicycle. Majorca is one of the best place´s to roll in Bicycle. A greeting.

9 years ago skids

Fantastic pictures and I'm very jealous. I did manage to get my wife to agree I took my bike on a family holiday to Majorca a few years ago and agree it's a great place for cyclind (we were staying in the south of the island). Thanks for sharing.

9 years ago gcolin

Do as I do. Motives your wife for cycling, and after that she asked to go there :-)