General jAlbum questions

  • Can I publish albums to my own site?
    Yes, you can publish jAlbum albums to any site you have access to if you are using the jAlbum Desktop Application. Learn how.
  • What's up with the frog?
    The frog is called Dor and was a hand puppet David (jAlbum founder) had as a child. It has come alive with jAlbum and is now our community mascot and company logo.
  • Can I use jAlbum for commercial purposes?
    Yes, with a Pro License (or Power account) you can use jAlbum for commercial purposes.
    For private and non-commercial use choose the Standard License (or Premium account).

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  • Where did my photo book tab go?
    We are sorry to inform you that we have decided to discontinue the Breezebook product line. Instead we will now focus on the things that we do best, helping our users to create stunning photo album presentations for the web. You can read more about that in our blog.