Projector 2.0

We've released Projector 2.0 a few days ago. The big news is the interactive preview on the User Interface which makes customizing the skin a lot easier; you don't have to Make Album and Preview every time to test a color or a particular setting.

Instant preview

Naturally, this preview cannot reflect the effect of each and every setting, still it'll save you from a lot of guesswork, hopefully.

Under the hood

Perhaps not the most spectacular change, but all picture transitions were rewritten to avoid lags and choppiness. By the way, this code was originally made for our wordpress plugin - jAlbum bridge 2.0 - which has also been updated recently to work with WordPress' interactive Block Editor.

Even more goodies...

  • Separate background image controls for all three components: the side bar, the cover and the lightbox.
  • Redesigned sleeker icons both for the user interface and the album too.
  • You can now use Google fonts for the small texts too, not only for the headlines.
  • Automatic switch to full screen on mobiles upon slideshow start.
  • New full screen button to control screen mode manually (on desktops).
  • Folder thumbnails can be "rounded" (see above!) and "square" too besides the classic "circle".

Comments are welcome – please post bug reports in the skin’s own forum.



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