jAlbum 22 highlights

Syntax highlighting and the new Multi Maker

jAlbum 22 is here and comes with 17 improvements and bug fixes. Here are 3 improvements I think are especially welcome:

The new Multi maker

Ever wanted to be able to continue using jAlbum while making albums in the background? Ever wanted to make and upload several albums in one go? This has actually been possible via the rather hidden “Batch make album” external tool, but with jAlbum 22, this functionality is now improved and added as an integral part of jAlbum. Just open it via Tools → Multi maker and select the projects to make and possibly upload too, then hit the “Make selected” button. You can now minimize this window while jAlbum is working and continue using jAlbum.

Syntax highlighting

The album- and image descriptions you enter don’t need to be plain text. They can be formatted in html to get the styling you want, or perhaps add a link? jAlbum 22 now assists you getting the html syntax right by colouring various elements for you as you type. If you don’t know any html, just use the new embedded visual html editor (click the eye button in the top-right corner of description fields).

Updated html editor

Talking about the embedded html editor. With v21 we added visual html editor to assist styling your description texts. This editor did however not play well with existing html text, so with v22 we’ve listened to critisism and replaced the underlying code library with one that respects whatever html formatting you’ve already added (Squire). Enjoy


Try jAlbum 22!

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