jAlbum 12 beta

We’re excited to tell you about the improvements that have been added to the long-awaited v12 release of our desktop software. It’s been a year since the last major release, where we added support for 164 video formats. This version focuses on improving the user experience:

  • It is faster than ever, including both the user interface and the underlying album making engine.
  • It has a professionally looking, more intuitive user interface
  • It has an embedded web browser that updates the album preview as you play along with settings.
  • Adding effects like logos, watermarks and artistic filters to your images is now easier than ever using the new “Effects” panel

Before running through the changes in detail, let me say that we’re running the last stages of the beta testing for jAlbum 12 now. The beta is available for Windows and Mac. You can install it in parallel with your existing version in order to safely evaluate it. We appreciate feedback to our beta forum section. The currently known issue is that the embedded browser has been reported to sometimes cause jAlbum to hang.


Opening an album over a network drive


Resuming an interrupted build


jAlbum 12 is significantly faster in dealing with images loaded over network drives. A typical project that took 15 seconds to open over a network drive now opens in 3 seconds (SAMBA mounted network drive on Windows). The painting of thumbnail images has also been improved so you can browse through not-yet-loaded images with less lag.

It’s however when making albums you will notice the most significant improvement. Previously, if an album build was resumed after an interrupted build (user aborting the build or an error), then jAlbum sometimes had to re-process each image and video again. This is now a thing of the past. Each image and video keep track of their build settings so unnecessary rebuilds are avoided.

New user interface

jAlbum’s user interface has undergone the biggest change since jAlbum 7. It now has an embedded web browser that lets you quickly preview changes as you play along with settings. This is the main reason for the somewhat larger window. Let’s go through the changes to the main window from top to bottom:


  1. New notification center: Helpful information coming from us or the skin developer can now be accessed from this icon even if a notification has been dismissed.
  2. Clearly indicated view mode tabs
  3. View mode specific toolbars. Each view mode has a unique toolbar with the tools relevant for it
  4. Clearly indicated label types: Easily see and control whether you’re editing file names, titles, captions or keywords
  5. New skin information window giving you an overview of the currently selected skin and offers easy management for it
  6. Large settings button next to make album button
  7. Preview local album button next to make album button
  8. New view final album button next to upload button.

Edit view mode

  1. Image tools moved to custom toolbar
  2. Image properties now occupy the whole right-hand-side offering more simultaneous information

Preview view mode

  1. Toolbar offering the classical browser functions + work-flow related functionality like uploading and sharing
  2. See and control whether you’re viewing the local or published version of an album
  3. Web browser for previewing a local album and viewing the final published album. Updates the local album in the background and reloads the display as you play with skin- and style changes. (Skin changes and general changes need a click on the “Apply” button to trigger an update)

Note: The browser we’re using is Chromium. It is a modern open source component but it currently has two flaws:

  • Currently No support for mp4 video format (aka H.264) that jAlbum is using. Use an external browser to view video powered albums instead. Hint: Alt-click the preview buttons to open the album in an external album or inactivate the embedded browser under jAlbum preferences.
  • Missing Flash support for Mac. Flash support in general can be added by downloading Flash directly from Adobe

Share view mode

  1. Buttons to easily share your album using different social networks. All sharing options, including sharing with jalbum.net is now opt-in meaning no sharing will be done unless you explicitly choose to share

New Effects panel

New “Effects” settings tab allowing easy and detailed control of album-wide image effects like watermarks/texts, logos, grayscale, auto-correct and artistic filters via an easy to use interface. (Effects applies to all images unlike their “Image tools” counterparts). (Advanced users: The chosen effects are synched with the user variables panel)

New license

jAlbum 12 requires a new software license. For those who have purchased a v11 license, we currently offer a 50% upgrade discount. This means you only pay €14.50 ($19.50) for a Standard License upgrade and €34.50 ($44.50) for a Pro License upgrade. Make sure you sign in first though. Those who have purchased a license after February 17th already have a version 12 license. If you instead have a Premium or Power account, you also got a license valid for v12, so you don’t have to buy a new license. To know what license you have today, just select “About jAlbum” from within the software.

New model

With jAlbum 12 we go from ad-supported freeware to a fully functional 30 day trial. This means that you can make fully functional* ad-free albums that continue to work after the trial period has expired, (given that you host the albums yourself). After the 30 day trial has expired you can no longer make new or update existing albums.

* During the trial, the albums may have discrete credit links and you cannot use the shopping cart feature.


  • Rewritten change detection. No more spurious “Do you wish to save changes” warnings
  • Safely deletes unused slide and original image files from album folder
  • Warns and guides users who haven’t set up their ftp settings right
  • Thumbnail specific information is now only displayed when hovering the mouse over the small “info-i” status icon
  • Speed-up to deleting directories over SAMBA mounted network drives
  • Implemented performance of files linked to SAMBA mounted network drives too
  • Added multiple logging levels to ease debugging
  • New icons and images
  • Bundled with updated skins (HTML5 instead of Flash)
  • Splash screen now displays license type
  • Fix for broken “Repair all links”
  • Various bug fixes

Try the beta!

JAlbum 12 is available as a beta release for Windows and Mac. You can install the beta in parallel with your existing version in order to safely evaluate it. We appreciate feedback to our beta forum section.

Known issues

  • The embedded browser has been reported to sometimes cause jAlbum to hang.
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Martina Schickhoff

Martina Schickhoff 5 years ago

o.k. thanks so much for your help

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 5 years ago

Hi Martina,
jAlbum is actually smart enough to only upload the files that have changed since last upload, so you should just attempt to upload the whole album every time. If you really want to force the uploading of one folder only, then you can drag and drop it onto the relevant location in the server folder tree. Remember that this blog isn't suited for support cases, so if you wish to ask more, just turn to our support forum at http://jalbum.net/forum

Martina Schickhoff

Martina Schickhoff 5 years ago

Please help me :-)
What´s going wrong?
If I change some pictures or text in a subfolder, I press the make-album-button and I want to upload ONLY the subfolder, the mainfolder is uploaden and that takes time....

What must I do to upload only a subfolder?

Thanks so much and greetings :-)

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 5 years ago

@JoeG, It should be enough to click the close "x" in the corner of the notification to have it dismissed forever.


JoeG 5 years ago

How can I stop getting notifications about this blog, please? Thanks.

Karl Mistelberger

Karl Mistelberger 5 years ago

@David Ekholm, I am definitely using CHROMIUM Version 33.0.1750.117 (252094)
Chromium uses an additional library, which is not part of the chromium package:
chromium-ffmpeg - The ffmpeg lib for Google's open source browser Chromium
FFMPEG library built from the chromium sources.

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 5 years ago

Hi Jeff, yes jAlbum 12 is expected to be released tomorrow now


Sealex83 5 years ago

Hello David,
It looks to me this very nice jalbum 12 !
I expect its release for updates to my tutorials on my forum ;)

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 5 years ago

@Roy Moses, most skins can be tweaked to view a file number or file name. One either uses a skin setting for this or adds ${fileName} to the relevant location of the skin's "index.htt" or "slide.htt" file. If you post a request for help in our forum, we can help you better.

To see who has been viewing your jAlbum album is a different "animal" that you may bring to the "jAlbum site" section of our user forum as a feature request.

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 5 years ago

@Karl Mistelberger, Are you sure you don't mean Google Chrome? Also, the Turtle skin is using a Flash fallback to play mp4 videos. Perhaps that one has kicked in?

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 5 years ago

@yvevo, Thanks for reporting that error. We're aware of it, but can't currently reproduce it which makes it tricky to track it down.

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 5 years ago

@Paul Borer, Please try the auto-updated beta 23. If it still fails, please report any error to our user forum.

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 5 years ago

@matt77, The crop tool has been somewhat improved, but these image tools will need a bigger overhaul in the future.


matt77 5 years ago

Congrats on the new version. Have you fixed some of the basic filters such as crop and red-eye so that they actually work? TIA.

Paul Borer

Paul Borer 5 years ago

Hi, Preview does not seem to do anything for me.
Also get the jalbum browser does not seem to work, opening default browser message.