Introducing Lucid skin

When it comes to multi-level, elaborated albums (with all the bells & whistles) jAlbum is the natural choice for many photographers. However, sometimes you just want something simple – although professional looking – for your site. For instance when you want to share an event right away or just want to show a bunch of photos related to your business. Historically, we have had a few skins for this kind of task, like Mr Burn5, Compact or Fully, but most of them got dated, and they don’t play well with mobiles. So it’s high time offering alternatives.

Lucid skin

The first of this line is the new Lucid skin. This skin starts with the first photo right away. You can easily flip through the album with mouse or finger – Lucid should play well with both. If you only have folders, the skin will display them instead of the images (see above).

While you will not find all the advanced features of Tiger or Photoblogger – e.g. feedback, site-wide search or shopping cart – the most popular features came even with version 1.0. Google maps, social sharing, custom pages, full scren mode and background music to name a few.

It comes with 7 color styles, and 3 thumbnail layout modes: “grid”, “dots” and “masonry”, see below.

The control bar was designed to be the least possible distractive. If its background color isn’t transparent the bar will occupy its own space and push down the images accordingly, but when it’s (semi-)transparent the controls are laid over the images and the bar remains fully transparent until you move the mouse over it. This way the images can fill the browser window as much as possible.

Embedding is also simpler, because this skin was designed to work in tight places. It also comes with a responsive embedding code, which adapts to the available space. However, please note, embedding a web page into another is still not a good idea, due to mobile usability problems related to scrolling and smaller buttons.

One more thing... In this skin for the first time we’ve introduced a “live design preview”. When you change colors or fonts you’ll see the effect right away - you don’t have to go rounds with Make and Preview. This makes it incredibly inspiring playing around with these settings.

Now download and try the Lucid skin! (It also comes bundled with jAlbum 19+.)

Your feedback is welcome!



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Ramona Hapke

Ramona Hapke 22 days ago

Thank you, Rene. I place the code with the help of jalbum bridge: [jalbum_bridge albumurl="URL(may not posted here)" slideshowdelay="2000" transitionspeed="1000" /]
Visible is: "Please check if the jAlbum album contains the tree.json file at the output folder. Turn on "Settings → Advanced → Metadata → Generate JSON Data" if not." I did so.
There are a data1.json and a tree.json.


ReneN 22 days ago

Thank youRamona for your quick response, sorry but my English is not so good, what do you mean by "The album is not visible after embedding."

Ramona Hapke

Ramona Hapke 22 days ago

Yes, it is possible to generate the files with enabled right mouse click. The album is not visible after embedding.


ReneN 22 days ago

is it also possible to disable the right mouse click? Or something equivalent to prevent copying of photos?

Ramona Hapke

Ramona Hapke 23 days ago

Not a good idea, but in my case it makes sense to show the album within the blog post (WordPress).
Cannot run the album within my post. Have now installed jalbum bridge with json file. Any advise?

David Ekholm

David Ekholm one month ago

I'm happy to be the first to say: Awesome work Laza! :-)