Improvements in jAlbum 12.3 and 12.4

We’d like to summarize some improvements made lately with the release of jAlbum 12.3 and 12.4. We hope you find that some of the things mentioned here justifies an update.

Just works better

In the recent months several improvements has been made to making jAlbum working as smoothly as possible, this includes minimizing RAM memory usage, robustness of file transfers and usability improvements as well as a number of bug fixes. Don’t suffer from problems that have been already been fixed (full list at release notes). Update your jAlbum today.

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Better memory handling

jAlbum 12.4 has vastly reduced RAM memory usage. During an album build, earlier versions accumulated some metadata for the whole album, sometimes requiring several GB of RAM to process huge albums (>10.000 images). jAlbum 12.4 releases metadata on a per-folder basis thereby drastically reducing RAM memory requirement.

Test setup

These graphs illustrates RAM usage during a remake of a 50.000 image album (500 images per folder, Turtle skin). The max RAM used has been set to 400MB in order to provoke scarse memory conditions (normally set to 800MB).

jAlbum 12.3.5 memory profile


Memory usage peaking after only a couple of minutes. The processing thereafter slows down to come to an out-of-memory halt after processing 6000 of 50000 images.

jAlbum 12.4.0 memory profile


Linear memory usage over time. 50000 image album rebuilt in less than 6 minutes.

Help is here

The lack of proper online documentation was listed as the #1 cause of frustration by our users. With the introduction of jAlbum 12.3 we finally did something about that. jAlbum now has a well maintained wiki based online documentation at that documents every button, and best of all, you get access to the right help page by just clicking the blue “?” buttons in the corner of jAlbum’s windows or by hitting F1.


Turtle skin’s help system has been renewed too

Amongst many other skins Turtle’s help system got a facelift too. As a matter of fact it was rebuilt from ground. When you are on the skin’s settings page in jAlbum, clicking the blue help button will bring up the relevant Turtle help page. Besides giving explanation for each and every setting, the new page brings help collected by features too. You can also browse through all the sample albums easily.

Facebook importer

For the 12.3 release, we’ve added a handy Facebook importer to jAlbum. You can now easily import all or some of your Facebook images and albums along with titles and descriptions, just click the arrow of the Add button and select “From Facebook” from the menu!




30 more trial days

If you haven’t evaluated jAlbum 12.3 or 12.4, now is the time. You get 30 trial days even if you’ve tried out earlier versions of jAlbum before. If you’re uncertain about upgrading, just install the current version aside of your existing version.

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50% off for upgraders

We still offer those of you who upgrade from v11 to v12 a 50% discount on our licenses. Just ensure that you’re signed into when purchasing a new licence and the discount will be deducted automatically.

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Get in touch!

We appreciate knowing what you think of jAlbum, both the good and the bad. Please contact us via or via our user forum at if there is anything you’d like to see changed, added or improved.

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Hilario Itriago

Hilario Itriago 4 years ago

For what it does against the old version and price in the final look and functionality.

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 4 years ago

@Hilario, do you with "web wise" refer to the look and functionality of the final album?

Hilario Itriago

Hilario Itriago 4 years ago

You do have a great product, I bought the 11. ? version and, with all due respect:
I bought it for less than the upgrade.
I have honestly tried your latest version (Twice) there is no improvement worth the money web wise.