Group images by calendar events

If you're a heavy user of your computer's calendar and have loads of unorganized images, then you'll love jAlbum 20.2's new "Organize by calendar" feature that can tag and group (move into folders) images by matching calendar events, judging by the camera date. Here I have set up a "Seasons" calendar within Apple's Calendar app representing the four seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.



These events are set up as yearly recurring events (inspecting the "Summer entry here"), but you might have weekly or daily recurring events for a school or work curriculum or simply ordinary single events, like "Summer vacation in Mallorca", "Visit to grandma" etc :




The next step now is to export your calendar as an ".ics" file:

Now it's time to move to jAlbum. Here I happen to have a bunch of unorganized images from various seasons:

I now right-click between them and select "Organize->Group by Calendar". I'm now presented with a dialog that prompts me to point out the .ics calendar file I just exported. You can either drag and drop .ics files or specify a URL to the .ics file. Once done, I verify that I wish jAlbum to match both single and recurring events and also have the images tagged with matching events. I finally hit the Process button.


Done! The matched images have now been grouped under folders representing each matched event. If you have nested events, that is events within events, then jAlbum will create a nested folder structure too. Great isn't it? If not, just hit undo.

Remember to check out jAlbum's other flexible organizing options, for instance "Group by Date" and "Group by Place".

 All at jAlbum 20.2!


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