Good crop, bad crop

I guess you've all seen theme images that gets cropped like this in the Turtle skin:
Bad crop

Now, we've made a plugin for jAlbum 12.1 and onwards that helps you set the desired crop focus, so your theme images or folder thumbnails will look like this instead:
Good crop

The Crop Focus plugin in actionGet the plugin here, then right click an image or folder and select "Set crop focus" and take it from there.

Here's how the plugin looks in action. Just use the mouse to position the crop focus. Note: The plugin lets you preview the cropped region using a couple of sample shapes but it doesn't let you set the crop shape. This is usually controlled by the skin.


We encourage you who are Java developers to contribute with smart plugins for jAlbum. Our plugin API is documented here and you can get the full source for the CropFocus plugin at GoogleCode . CropFocus is licensed under the liberal Apache 2.0 license.

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Macsass 6 years ago

Thanks David for your feedback - "date added" does not work great for me as then Turtle won´t notice when I make updates to my pictures in an album unless I remove and fe-add them ...
But no worries - this will be only a one time thing for me - I´m not likely to change the crop focus frequently.
The time that saves me does way more than compensate that minor "new" flaw.

I would propose to get that functionality included in future versions of jAlbum - it is really great.
Thanks again!

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 6 years ago

@Macsass, thanks for your positive feedback! It's great to hear what a time saver this is for you. We're modifying the "date changed" date even though the original image isn't touched in order to trigger jAlbum to reprocess the generated image. Let Turtle base its "New" flag on "Date added" to avoid this problem.


Macsass 6 years ago

Hi again,
just noticed a minor issue with the plugin: After changing the crop photo for a photo Turtle recognizes the picture as "new". Obviously something changes for the picture itself, so Turle regognizes it is "new"?
I have Turtle set to look at the "file changed" flag. Not sure if this is a turtle issue or an issue of the plug-in. As I can´t see the plugin touching the original files, I would guess it might be a turtle issue.

Still - this plugin is great help for me ... thanks again!


Macsass 6 years ago


This is great - you won´t believe how much time that saves me! Until now I have manually cropped each picture to the desired frame and had to copy those to the final generated album - having to redo that for any change I have made.

This plugin would have been the very top of my wishlist!

Jacob Greenberg

Jacob Greenberg 6 years ago

Great idea. I will definietly will use this plugin

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 6 years ago

@mike314. Good idea, I've now adjusted the CropFocus plugin to truly respect any custom theme image size. Just re-download and re-install the plugin


mike314 6 years ago

This is a very big help. Thank you. The result is still approximate, though, especially if the theme image does not have the default dimensions. Can the crop focus extension be made to adapt to this?