Get paid by simply using jAlbum

This is for all jAlbum users and customers - everyone can earn money by using jAlbum.

I'm sure you've all heard it before: Earn lots of money with virtually no effort.
In my mind there is no such thing as a ”free lunch”. You have to work. It's that simple. In other words, this is not a new way of generating tons of income to later settle down on the beach of some remote island with an umbrella drink in your hand.

“If you're using jAlbum anyway, why not make sure you get paid for all your visitors who become jAlbum customers!”

So how can you make money with jAlbum? Today most albums have a small text link at the bottom linking to This link can naturally be inactivated. But, if you haven't, you can now make money for all purchases originating from your web album. You can naturally even add these links to any web page or why not in a blog post recommending jAlbum to your visitors. The nice thing about this setup is that you've already done all the work by creating your web galleries with jAlbum. Now you only need to activate your tracking links and start earning some money.

How does it work

1) Sign up with our partner Commission Junction (CJ) as a publisher here: Publisher sign up

2) Add jAlbum as an advertiser (Login to your CJ publisher account, click on the Advertiser tab, search for jAlbum, and apply (click the "+").

3) Copy your tracking link into jAlbum.
See images below (first image shows you how to find the tracking code in your CJ publisher panel and the second image where to paste it in jAlbum)

Done! (Make sure to click "Make" and "Upload" in jAlbum to upload your new tracking links.)

Now all traffic from your website (that has this tracking link) will generate income for you.

Commission Junction will pay out your commission and from your publisher panel you can track number of clicks and your commission.

How much can I earn?

Levels of Commission:
Silver 10% commission 0-10 sales per month
Gold 20% commission 11-25 sales per month
Power 35% commission over 26 sales per month

Good luck!

If you have any questions please get in contact: jason @ jalbum net

/Jason McMillion

Commission Junction (CJ) publisher (Account Manager) window

jAlbum: Settings -> Advanced...

What is Commission Junction
Commission Junction (CJ) is a world wide network for connecting website owners to advertisers. When a website owner (publisher/affiliate) promotes an advertiser with links or banner ads and generates revenue to the advertiser, a commission is paid to the publisher. The advertiser pays commission to both the publisher and a small amount to CJ for using their service.
We at jAlbum have chosen CJ to be our affiliate network partner and have worked with them for several years.

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Jean Louis

Jean Louis 8 months ago

Le paramétrage de la langue en pied de page ne fonctionne pas, merci pour tout ceux qui ne sont pas anglophones...

Abdelbari Aoussedj

Abdelbari Aoussedj 8 months ago

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Jason McMillion

Jason McMillion 10 years ago

Hi helenad, Right now the best I can do is this: =auto&tl=fr& Fentry%2Fget-paid-by-simply-using-jalbum

Hope it helps :)


helenad 10 years ago


Jason McMillion

Jason McMillion 10 years ago

Hi Jean and Charly221. I completely understand.
A Google Translate button on each blog post might be a start. Let me discuss with our developers if this is something we could implement. In the mean time, you can simply copy any link into and it will automatically translate everything on the page.
Best Regards

Jason McMillion

Jason McMillion 10 years ago

Hi Paul, Thanks for your response. I will try to re-write the blog post a bit to make it more clear.
If you click on the small Settings icon or go to menu Album -> Settings you will get the settings window displayed above. The other image (Account manager) you login from and is not something you will find in jAlbum.
Best Regards.


Charly221 10 years ago

Tu as raison Jean louis, ils devraient mettre une option de traduction en Français ou autre ...

Jean Louis

Jean Louis 10 years ago

En français SVP...

Paul Leather

Paul Leather 10 years ago

This was as clear as mud. I cant find anything remotely like this any where on my screen when Jalbum is active.