Create Web Albums with Friends

It happens quite often. You're on holiday or some other happening with family or friends and everyone takes photos with their own camera or mobile. Now you want to create a nice web album containing all the images from everyone's camera...

How do you go about it?

Easy (or it is now)! Use jAlbum and the great free service (no need to create any accounts, you just start sending right away). There are several services out there, but this is probably the simplest and fastest way to gather images from other people's devices.

1. Send a SMS or Email (or share anyway you want) to everyone with the link and your email address.
2. Your friends just click on the link and select all images/videos they wish to upload (from mobile or computer).
3. You receive an email with a download link.
4. You now have all images (or any files) on your computer and can create a neat jAlbum gallery and send the album link to everyone.

jAlbum + Wetransfer = Easy way to create collaborative albums :)

Go ahead, give this a try right away.


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