8 reasons to update to jAlbum 22

In the past 18 years we have never stopped improving jAlbum. The last two years are no exceptions. Here we present what we think are the top 8 reasons to update jAlbum based on recent improvements.


Be compatible

The world around us is changing, so are web standards and the use of mobile devices. Today, more than 50% of jAlbum galleries are viewed from mobile devices. Ensure your galleries play well on mobile devices too by using current skins like Tiger, PhotoBlogger, Lucid, Animatics or Projector.


Look good

Design evolve too. Ensure your gorgeous images are presented using modern sleek design. Add styling to your image descriptions without HTML knowledge using jAlbum’s embedded visual HTML editor.


Save work

Don’t get lost among hundreds of settings. Find the right setting, project or image in a snap using jAlbum’s Search Bar. Enjoy the instant preview offered in our latest skins. Use the new Project Gallery to visually browse web preview thumbnails of your projects.


Save time

jAlbum has a Rewritten upload engine providing faster and more robust uploads. We’ve made performance enhancements to both the user interface as well as album making. jAlbum can also make and upload multiple album projects in the background while you continue working with it.


Work better

jAlbum’s improved review mode helps you select, compare and rate your top images. The new Details editor gives you better overview of and allows edits to the metadata of your choice


Get it right

Use jAlbum’s integrated Multilingual spell checker so your image descriptions are free from typos


Save frustration

Don’t fight old bugs or user interface quirks. Update jAlbum to have them fixed. If you still encounter one, write us so we can fix it. jAlbum’s user interface has undergone many small, but important changes over the years that also saves you time and frustration.


Save money

Well, almost ;-). We just lowered the prices 20%. On top of that, you get an additional 30% discount for being an existing licensed user. Now’s a good time to upgrade to jAlbum 22!

Check out our new prices!

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