Staff members

David Ekholm

Name: David Ekholm

Connection: Founder

Location: Stockholm, Sweden



More info: "I started making jAlbum after coming home from a ski trip with friends and didn't find any good software for making web albums. That was in 2002. The years since then have been the most exciting in my life, but a lot of work too. (I wouldn't mind another ski trip...) Luckily jAlbum has the best community in the world to help. /David"

Anders Callertun

Name: Anders Callertun

Connection: The server guy

Location: Stockholm, Sweden



More info: "I have seen the development of jAlbum since the first beta version back in 2002. I also like photography. But maybe more the technical part of taking photos, than the artistic. Trying out a new lens on the SLR is great. /Anders"

László Molnár

Name: László Molnár

Connection: Designer, Skin developer: Chameleon, Turtle, Compact, Happenings, Slider, Sports, TopLeague

Location: Budapest, Hungary




More info: "I started my career as electric engineer and freelancer programmer but then I switched to graphics and ad industry. Now I'm getting fed up with the ads and trying to move back to programming and web-design. My hobbies are jAlbum :) , photography, travel, cooking, running. I started making Chameleon in 2005, when after I've tried several album software finally found jAlbum."


Name: Dor

Connection: Friendly Frog

Location: Stockholm, Sweden



More info: "I'm originally a pet hand doll David used to have as a child. I was invited to welcome people to the site and to show them around. I wish you a pleasant stay. /Dor"


Jeff Tucker

Name: Jeff Tucker

Connection: Skin developer: Atom, Comet, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, and Venus

Location: Barkhamsted, Connecticut, USA



More info: "After a career as a computer jockey/attorney, I retired at the ripe old age of 46, and have been traveling the world ever since. After struggling to put together web pages to share my travel photos, I stumbled into jAlbum, and never left!"

Jim Berry

Name: Jim Berry

Connection: Forum supporter, Skin developer: Vertical Slide

Location: Busselton, Australia




More info: "I started my working life as a compositor (printing), changed in 1970 to programming mainframe computers, retiring in 2000.
Started sailboarding in 1980 until my trusty old Windsurfer began to disintegrate from too much UV after 18 years. Now trying to master the art of kitesurfing, but might have to go back to windsurfing if I can't crack the code pretty soon.

Robert Marshall

Name: Robert Marshall

Connection: Skin developer: Notables

Location: Cheshire, England



More info: "I was an electronic engineer for thirty two years. My first involvement in jAlbum was designing a skin to automate photo web page construction, exactly what jAlbum was designed for! I have developed several skins, quite a few external tools and contributed to the wiki help pages for jAlbum."


Frank Schürer

Name: Frank Schürer

Connection: German translator

Location: Plauen, Saxony, Germany


More info: "In 2002 I had to find a way to organize about 1000 photos on a CD for easy presentation. I found jAlbum was a great program that could offer a range of flexibility that is not limited to some predefined templates. At that time the Help of jAlbum was only in English language and I thought it would be great when German speaking people, who aren't fluent in English could use this free program and create their own photo albums easily. So I translated the help files to German and later the jAlbum texts as well when a new update came out. My hobbies and my profession include developing software in C/C++, Java or Delphi and occasionally creating web pages."

Linda Zhao

Name: Linda Zhao

Connection: Chinese website-translator

Location: Finland


More info: "I like traveling, photographing and blogging!"

Han van de Graaf

Name: Han van de Graaf

Connection: Dutch website-translator

Location: Finland



More info: "Enjoying my retirement, living in 'the middle of nowhere' in Savonlinna - Finland, taking (nature) pictures, webdesign and webdevelopment."

Laurean Tudor

Name: Laurean Tudor

Connection: Romanian translator. Now communication software tester

Location: Dortmund, Germany



More info: "I was born in Romania, where I used to teach English and French and later photography. Now I live in Germany and test telecommunication software. After a long vacation (almost 20 years :-) I've started again to take pictures. Nature and mostly people are my inspiration."

Marcelo Guedes

Name: Marcelo Guedes

Connection: Portuguese of Brazil translator

Location: São Paulo, Brazil


More info: "My name is Marcelo, I live in São Paulo/Brazil, I have advanced training in Business Administration and Accounting.

I dedicate good portion of my time available to deepen my knowledge in computers, and eventually I participate in fun fishing with my friends.

As do I have dual citizenship (Brazilian and Portuguese), I'm planning on making a travel to get to know several countries in Europe, and enjoy taking great photos of the places I visit.

So anticipating this trip, I needed to find a software that would meet my needs, and I had the great pleasure of discovering the sensational jAlbum software."

Jevgenijs Belanins

Name: Jevgenijs Belanins

Connection: Latvian translator

Location: Riga, Latvia



More info: "Also known as finderos47. IT Specialists, Workstations/Servers Administrator, Remote Support."

Hrant Ohanyan

Name: Hrant Ohanyan

Connection: Armenian translator

Location: Yerevan, Armenia



Guilherme Cerqueira de Souza

Name: Guilherme Cerqueira de Souza

Connection: Portuguese translator

Location: São Paulo, Brazil



More info: "I started translating jAlbum back in 2003 when I was looking for a software to publish the pics of my exchange year in Germany. jAlbum was by far the best tool I found, and what's best, for free! So, as everybody knows, the more people help, the better it gets!"

Tero Kinnunen

Name: Tero Kinnunen

Connection: Finnish translator

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Marcel Daems

Name: Marcel Daems

Connection: Dutch Translator

Location: London, UK



More info: "Recently moved to London UK from Antwerp Belgium, and having worked for print- and packaging companies I want to try it on myself as a freelancer in web design & translation beside my so called daytime job in London. I got to try jAlbum in 2006. After playing with version 7.1 again I rolled into doing translations for the Dutch version."

Ning Zhou

Name: Ning Zhou

Connection: Simplified Chinese translator

Location: Stockholm, Sweden


Peter Bachraty

Name: Peter Bachraty

Connection: Slovak translator

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia


Carsten Lützen

Name: Carsten Lützen

Connection: Danish co-translator

Location: Denmark



More info: "I attend at Midtfyns Gymnasium until this summer where I graduate. In my spare time I’m a freelance web developer. I play the drums, so if you want to find me would be a good place to start. I think that is all…"

Pentti Stenman

Name: Pentti Stenman

Connection: Finnish website translator

Location: Porvoo, Finland



More info: "After retiring from my job of textbook editor (science, math, IT ...) a few years ago, I love to hike and bike in Lapland and elesewhere with or without a camera. In my spare time I enjoy building houses for me and my wife and used jAlbum to show pictures of the second big project, our villa by the lakeside. I have used various skins and also translated Turtle into Finnish. Most of my albums are on my own site."

Thanks to

Advanced INSTALLER for providing their powerful Windows Installer builder.

IDR Solutions for providing the JDeli image reading library.

i-net software for letting us use their awesome JOrtho spell checker.

Maxmind for providing IP Geolocation for the web site.

Mortbay and now Eclipse for providing the excellent embeddable "Jetty" http server that enables local file sharing.

Pat Niemeyer for providing expression evaluation with his wonderful BeanShell.

Drew Noakes for providing the EXIF extraction code.

Magnus Östergren for making the cute frog mascot.

JCraft for providing the JSch component needed for sftp.

Joost den Boer for providing sftp support for jAlbum.

Enterprise Distributed Technologies for their superior edtFTPj FTP component.

Eric Albert for making BrowserLauncher.

Marco Schmidt ( for providing code for extracting image sizes.

Sun Microsystems for making Java, the write once run anywhere dream come true.