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The jAlbum desktop application creates photo album websites from your images

Just drag and drop images (and videos) onto jAlbum, press "Make" and your website is ready to upload to your own site. Or to if you don't have one.

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  1. The licenses are valid forever for the version it was bought for, plus we offer 12 months of free upgrades after the purchase.
  2. Your computer’s RAM may restrict the gallery size. You can typically make galleries with up to 50 000 images on an ordinary computer.

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Why use jAlbum?


Unlike competing image sharing services, we don't lock your photos into one single place. YOU have full control of the management, storage and presentation of YOUR images. Furthermore, your precious metadata is managed using open standards = no lock in. Host your images with us or with ANY web hotel you like. Your galleries will work - even without us.


Being a desktop software, jAlbum makes it natural and convenient to manage large amounts of images on a regular basis. You shouldn't have to start by uploading your images and videos to an online service in order to pick the best ones for presentation and add captions. This is better done locally, and it works offline too!


The albums generated by jAlbum do no rely on server-side scripting, which ensures no harmful code can sneak into your server by these pages.

Ease of use

Even though we offer loads of features, making a good looking gallery is still as easy as dropping images onto jAlbum and pressing one button.


Competitors offer few choices for stylish presentations (typically only CSS variations to the same functionality). With jAlbum you have a rich variety of templates / themes (we call them skins) to choose from, each offering unique functionality as well as presentation.


We've been in business since 2002. To date, there are over 120 million galleries published world wide. jAlbum also enjoys an extremely high user satisfaction score of 4.7/5 in TrustPilot. Many of users have been with us for decades.


Gallery maker

jAlbum makes web pages and prepares your images and videos for the web.

Image editor

Crop, sharpen, adjust levels, auto correct or watermark your images easily within jAlbum.

Image organizer

Organize your images in folders based on date and location and have duplicates removed.


Upload your galleries to any web hotel using jAlbum's embedded ftp client.


Dietmar Heinrish
Dietmar Heinrich, Editor in chief, DigitalFoto

jAlbum has according to our opinion secured its position as the best program to manage and present your pictures and albums on the web, no matter if you're using your own site or jAlbum's storage service.


David Ekholm
David Ekholm, Founder jAlbum

jAlbum gives you complete freedom to upload your albums to any website. You are not bound to any one service. I love jAlbum, but don’t take my word for it, read what our great customers have to say.

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Popular uses


Create clean, stylish portfolios and customer photo galleries with ease. Watermark protect, use your image metadata or add our integrated shopping cart and sell your images.

Read more about portfolios


Tag images and parents can easily sort out their kid from the latest football match. jAlbum is excellent for organizations, especially when you have huge amounts of images and frequent updates.


Just came home from a ski trip with your camera filled with great photos? Create a cool album with a map and include originals so your relatives or friends easily can print high quality photos wherever they are!

Curious? Try jAlbum for free!

Download jAlbum - FREE!

Download jAlbum - FREE!