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This skin uses Adobe Flash, which is a dying technology. We don't recommend using that for new album projects.

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SimpleViewer is a skin for jAlbum (minimum version required v11.6) based around SimpleViewer Inc.'s SimpleViewer-Standard Image Viewer (v2.3.2).

The skin also includes the option to use SimpleViewer Inc.'s Flash Image Viewers (AutoViewer, PostcardViewer and TiltViewer). It is fully customizable, has support for many of jAlbum's built-in filters (including the watermark filter) and has features such as a JavaScript navigation tree and the ability to use a header, footer and overlay.

The skin generates W3C valid code (HTML 5 and CSS Level 3).

Please visit the SimpleViewer Skin Support Forum for more information.

Please note that using the 'Highlight New Files' functionality (on the skin's 'New' tab) forces a complete rebuild of the album which may take some time if the album contains many images.

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6.11.0 28.6.2014 (aktuální)

(1) Fixed 'System console' error messages when using 'Highlight New Files' functionality

(1) Upgraded SimpleViewer Inc. SimpleViewer-Standard Image Viewer from v2.3.1 to v2.3.2
(2) Upgraded jQuery JavaScript Library from v1.11.0 to v1.11.1
(3) Internal code changes

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Göran Lenz

Göran Lenz před 2 lety

I have tested this skin and like the structure with the tree and the gallery view. In my set-up I use SimpleViewer with Classic gallery style. Everything works well except one thing. When I view it on a mobile device and looking in my galleries and I want to turn the mobile device from landscape to portrait or vice versa the gallery goes back the first view only showing the tree and the info text. Is this possible to solve by any setting or must the skin be updated


monkeyboy před 2 lety

The skin uses an iframe to display the gallery and this does not rotate well on mobile devices. By default the skin reloads the page on orientation change to avoid resizing issues. You could try changing the options in the skin's 'Browser (tab) -> Mobile Devices (control panel)' section, specifically the 'Reload Web Page' and 'Resize Containers' checkboxes. Otherwise, you could try using this custom skin: https://app.box.com/s/al2vgokqugeym9ytli73 I wrote it for my own personal use but have not published it as there are already 3 official skins which use SimpleViewer and Flash is fading away. This skin does not have all the features of the published skin but it uses a different, more recent navigation tree and does not use an iframe to display the gallery. I hope this helps.

Göran Lenz

Göran Lenz před 2 lety

I tested to uncheck 'Resize Containers' and it seems to work! :) Thanks!


donclarke před 2 lety

Anyway or anywhere to change thumbnail size from 75x75


monkeyboy před 2 lety

Hi. The thumbnail dimensions can be changed only with SimpleViewer-Pro (which you could purchase from http://simpleviewer.net if you like). If you upgrade the skin, you can set dimensions for the thumbnails on the Album Settings -> Images -> General tab. You can then set dimensions for their display size in the gallery on the SimpleViewer -> Viewers -> SimpleViewer -> Pro tab (for example, thumbWidth="100" and thumbHeight="100"). It's best to ask questions in the SimpleViewer Skin forum. There's more room to answer with links and examples if necessary. Thanks. http://jalbum.net/forum/forum.jspa?forumID=25


irishgues před 5 lety

Any plans to support video soon?


monkeyboy před 5 lety

None of the core image viewers that the skin uses (AutoViewer, PostcardViewer, SimpleViewer and TiltViewer) support video so the skin itself cannot support video. I did not write the core image viewers myself but, as far as I am aware, there are no plans to introduce the ability to support video into any of them.


jwax před 5 lety

Thank you very much for your quick reply. I've tried both skins and tested them on online Ipad simulators. The results are mixed (works on one simulator but not on the other one). I guess I'll have to test it on a real Ipad to find out. w.


jwax před 5 lety

Hello, I know that Simpleviewer can work on Ipads. Could you please tell me if your skin also works on Ipads ? Thanks. w.


monkeyboy před 5 lety

Albums created by the SimpleViewer skin should be viewable on an iPad (as long as the AutoViewer, PostcardViewer and TiltViewer image viewers are not used). However, if you are looking to create a mobile-friendly multi-gallery SimpleViewer album, you might like to try this new SimpleViewer-based skin which, unlike the existing skin, does not use iframes and incorporates a different JavaScript navigation tree: https://www.box.com/s/al2vgokqugeym9ytli73