The Jalbum iPhone app is here


Posted Jul 5, 2010

by Dor

Available on the App Store

We’re thrilled to announce that the kind people at Apple have given our first mobile app a big green stamp: APPROVED. The Jalbum iPhone App is now available in App Store!

Jalbum on the iPhone includes many of the features you're familiar with on our web site. Here are some highlights:

Create stunning web photo albums

The Jalbum iPhone app lets you create web photo albums from anywhere you can find a 3G or WiFi connection. Albums are automatically added to your Jalbum home page.

Upload photos to existing customized photo albums

Any album created with the online Jalbum version can be updated with the iPhone app. Upload photos from your photo library or take a snapshot with the built in camera.

Explore spectacular albums from the Jalbum community

View your own albums or user-submitted photos, conveniently listed in Featured, Popular and Recent albums.

Easy sharing

Share albums by either sending a link in an e-mail or copying it to the clipboard. Paste the link in a text message, Twitter or on Facebook.


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CLOSED_USER 11 years ago

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jacob Alex

jacob Alex 11 years ago

nice album


oyun1game 11 years ago

Hmm it it good new for jalbum members. Thanks for your services.