Share your photo album in blogs

Have you checked out the sharing options available for yours (and other users) albums? On all user "Album" pages there is a Share button on the right hand side of the album thumb. See user rsagebin's Album page as an example:


Share photo albums in blogs 

Clicking the Share button makes the share options appear:

Share photo album in blogs 

As you can see there are nifty tools to share your albums by: e-mail, to your favorite social networking sites as well as codes to your album. The code under Websites and Blogs is very handy when you want to tell about an album in a blog post. Simply copy and paste that code into your blog and it will display a large thumnail and link to the album. Like this:


I use this function all the time when posting links to albums in this blog. Do you have a blog or a web site? Try it out!



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Patricinha ID

Patricinha ID 11 years ago

Consegui criar o álbum,mas não consegui compartilhar no blog. Tipo.publicar ele como postagem Eu tive que escrever o nome do álbum e anexa o link. Só assim. Mas eu queria que a galeria aparecesse na página do blog. E não consegui.
Como se publica o álbum no Blog?

Carl Manneh

Carl Manneh 12 years ago

@loniyang: the removed blogs must be a coincidense. Have a look in this blog post: ion/ and you'll see that they are up and running. The blog badge does not effect the Blogger account in any other way than decorating them :)


loniyang 12 years ago

I came here because I liked the photo above, but Dor mentioned the Blog Badge. Just want to remind you that all those blogs have been disabled by blogger. Is it that badge that is doing it somehow?


Dor 13 years ago

Good to hear pjhtaylor. We are also working on a Blog badge that you can put in your blogger blog. It will display your latest Jalbum albums in the right column of your blog :)

Peter-John Taylor

Peter-John Taylor 13 years ago

Great idea. I'll be sure to try it on my new blog "Photo Dialogue" or


Dor 13 years ago

Yes, it's basically an image that links to the album. You just have to copy and paste code. This one only comes in the size above, but you can let the browser downsize it to any size I guess...


bd-online 13 years ago

So basically an image with attached url? The nice thing is ofcourse you don't have to create that image yourself! Does it resize automatic as well, that would be really useful. So you can just show a small photo on a forum from the jalbum and then they can click to the larger version!


adigoppula 13 years ago

Hi I am Murali