Search and You Shall Find

We've just added search to jAlbum! Now you can type your way to the right setting while using jAlbum instead of browsing though complex user interface panels in your hunt for that font size or color setting.

jAlbum now has search 

What would internet be without Google? We'd have to remember a ton of pages and navigation paths for resources we revisit regularly and rely on clever hierarchical directories for finding new information (Remember those sites from the old days?).

These days we simply "Google" everything, even if we know the page's URL, cause typing a few words is usually faster. We even search our local computers instead of manually navigating folder trees, still when using advanced software we tend to have to navigate the user interface in a hierarchical fashion. jAlbum has tons of features today. It's inevitable that the user interface becomes increasingly complex as features are added over the years. We try to structure the settings intuitively, but some features inevitably need to be buried 3-4 levels down.

Enter search!

jAlbum's Settings window now has a new search box in the top-right corner. Hit TAB to activate it, then type a few keys to see a list of matching items in the menu below. Use arrow keys + ENTER or the mouse to select the setting you wish to access. jAlbum will now immediately navigate to that setting and highlight it with an animated ring.

If you got the wrong setting, simply select the search box and hit arrow down to reveal the last set of search results again or type another search term. You can narrow the search by typing multiple words.

What are you waiting for? Download jAlbum 18.2 today!






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