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Scotty Robson

 Interview with photographer Scotty Robson who hopped off the ever spinning corporate wheel and decided to start his own business in professional photography… 


Jason: So tell me a little bit about yourself. 

Scotty: I turned 40 years old this year and I had an epiphany - some may call it a mid-life crisis, but for me it was more of a wake up call. I’ve been running round the corporate wheel for more years than I care to remember and I’ve always spoken about setting up my own business, and although I have a strong marketing and commercial background, I struggled to know what my “product” was. And there it was standing in front of me jumping up and down…my camera and me!

So I picked up my camera, and here I am today on an exciting journey into something that I’m truly passionate about and that I’ve been doing as a hobby most of my life.

Jason: What got you into photography? 

Scotty: I’ve always loved taking photos, right from the days of film, but my first digital point ‘n’ shoot camera was a revelation to me. It was a Canon Ixus of some description and I got hooked. So even though I’ve not been a pro for years, I do know my way round the back end of a camera, and I know what works and what doesn’t.

I soon ventured into the market for my first DSLR – a Canon EOS 400D – and I loved it. But it was only after I’d been to night school that I really understood what the camera could do, and it was this course that gave me the confidence to move away from auto and start to really learn more about the art form that is photography.

And last but not least, I wouldn't be the photographer I am today without - check him out and tell him I said "Hi".

Jason: What do other people usually say when they look at your photos/portfolio? 

Scotty: Most people comment on the natural feel to my photos, particularly the weddings I’ve shot. I guess I’m more of a reportage type photographer, and I know that’s a bit of a buzz word these days, but to me all that means is that I can tell a story and capture the mood and emotions through my photography…so I’m really pleased that other people see my photography this way too.

And in this world of disposable social media by which I mean, snap it, share it, forget it, it’s easy to forget what a quality image looks like. I hope I’m beginning to remind a few people what that is too.

Jason: Being a jAlbum user, what do you feel jAlbum offers that competitors don't? In other words, why did you choose to go with jAlbum? 

Scotty: It was a long time ago now when I was looking for some free software to create a website to show my photos to my friends and family – before I even thought about a career in photography. I did a Google search and found a few options, and after trying them all, jAlbum was the clear winner for me. I have dabbled with a few other options over the years too, but jAlbum keeps on giving.

I love the fact that I can design and produce professional looking websites on my laptop, without being online, tinkering with the myriad of settings to get the exact look and feel that I want. I’ve also found amazing support in the jAlbum forums, particularly from a chap called Laza. I have to say that my website wouldn’t be what it is today without Laza. Use the forums, they’re awesome too and make the whole jAlbum experience even more pleasurable!

jAlbum is more than just a piece of software for me. jAlbum offers the ability to quickly produce a simple, yet effective website that will stand out in an otherwise hectic digital world. I would recommend that everyone give jAlbum a go, whether you’re someone looking to share your photos with friends and family (where I began), or an amateur starting out and right up to the professional photographer.

Jason: Could you give us a link to the album with your favourite photos? 

Scotty: My first ever shot with my first digital camera was a macro shot of a tulip – sad and somewhat odd, I know. But my love of flower shots has continued, so I have to say that my “Flowers” album is amongst my favourites, which you can get to by following the link below…

But I would say that my favourite photos are in my “Landscapes of New Zealand” album ( New Zealand is such a beautiful place, particularly the South Island, so taking photos there was a pure pleasure and a simply wonderful experience. I’m sure you’ll agree if you’ve been there or once you’ve seen my photos.

Jason: Many thanks Scotty for this interview! One final question. If someone would like to book you to come and take some photos, how does one get in contact? 

Scotty: They can email to start with and/or visit my website at to see some of my work and to find out more about me.

I am also on many of the social networks, so take your pick, as you can find me at all of the following places to...

Many thanks to you too, Jason, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you.

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