Presenting v16

Oiled-up and shiny!

“Don’t keep adding features I don’t need. Fix the annoying issues instead!”

Luckily such user comments are rare, perhaps because we put as much energy into fixing things as to developing new stuff. The new v16 is no exception. It actually focuses on fixes. Just like your car needs service every now and then, so does software. It’s not just our bugs we’re fixing, we’re adapting to changes in the software environment and bugs created by others. jAlbum 16 is designed to work faster, be more reliable, easier to use and annoy you less than ever! Here are just a few examples from the release notes:

  • Even more robust image reading. Handles more broken and oddly formatted images than ever
  • Faster search in huge albums: Minimizes network IO during search in albums due to new album-wide JSON database format.
  • More informative error messages if connecting to ftp servers fails to better assist you uploading albums.
  • New cleaner project format. Instead of scattering jAlbum's project control files among images, they are now tucked away under hidden ".jalbum" folders.

All in all, jAlbum 16 comes with over 25 fixes and improvements, not to mention the many fixes and improvements that goes into the updated skins Zigzag, Tiger and Photoblogger.

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David Ekholm

David Ekholm one year ago

@johntsip17, Please just switch to a skin that doesn't use Flash. Most of our skins don't use Flash.


johntsip17 one year ago

Heloo when i share my albums in facebook they dont work in all browsers is this the problem :
Note: Adobe will stop Flash support by the end of 2020. Visit the Chrome blog to learn more about how Chrome will work with Flash by 2020.
and how we can change our albums with no flash player.
Thank you!

David Ekholm

David Ekholm one year ago

@Tim, you can install jAlbum to a separate folder and keep your earlier version. This enables you to safely evaluate it. We also make older versions available on our site, should you wish to revert to an older version. Note however that jAlbum 16 comes with a new project format and to ensure that it doesn't convert your existing projects, clear the recent project list in an older version before launching v16.

Tim Turner

Tim Turner one year ago

Is there any way I can try it as a separate program before I upgrade? Usually upgrades and updates screw up good things and smooth processes, like Windows for example.