Presenting the Zigzag skin

View sample galleryThe jAlbum family of skins has got a new member - Zigzag. This skin has a modern, responsive and clean design suitable not only to create galleries, but whole sites. We think Zigzag will be ideal for many smaller web sites presenting the works of not just photographers, but any smaller business, organization or things you are passionate about.

Zigzag doesn't use the classic index page->closeup navigation that are typical for jAlbum galleries, instead, images and videos are presented in large format along on the index page with possible longer descriptive texts. On desktop computers, the items are laid out in a zigzag fashion alternating between left and right aligned images, but on smaller devices such as tablets and mobile phones, it switches layout to alternate between images and text vertically.

 Flexible settingsZigzag also enables an "introduction section" at the top of the page where there is space for both a large header and corner logo, larger title and longer introduction text. Zigzag can be customized in many ways without the need to tweak the code (which is fine too by the way, -this is open source). Zigzag naturally also supports modern jAlbum features like custom pages, web locations, videos and hidpi images.

Download Zigzag today. Let us know what you think and do share your creations created with it!

Zigzag requires jAlbum 15.3 as it uses a more modern and easy API. We hope Zigzag will encourage you to to use as base for your own skins. If you know anything about css and html, check out Tools->Skin developer->Edit skin files!


The story behind

View source of inspirationThis skin is jointly developed by me, Anders and Laza ("Team jAlbum"). We share office space in Stockholm, Sweden with several companies, mainly for social networking reasons. I was then introduced to the product Braskotten by a fellow "colleague" and web designer -Jennie Hagman. This small site presents a clever way to kindle your fireplace using pine cones. I admired the site design and thought to myself "hey, a jAlbum skin could produce that kind of design too" so we set off to produce a skin with the capability to mimic that look. (We did write the code from ground-up though). Here is our initial take on it. We also added support for sub folders, so if you look at the bottom of that gallery there is a section about Pistachio ice cream making. Totally unrelated, but one of my passions :-).

Once we were able to mimic the look we set off to make the look customizable and added a skin user interface. This way of producing a skin proved to be very effective. Start by being inspired by an existing design, then set up a sample jAlbum project and create a new skin. Focus on getting the css+html right first (files "index.htt" and "common.css"), then write the skin settings user interface ("onload.bsh"). Our Developer Center is a good resource as well as checking out the source code from other skins. Here's finally another sample gallery produced with Zigzag.

I finally wish to thank Braskotten and Jennie Hagman for being able to use this design as inspiration for Zigzag.

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FERAUD Robert 2 years ago

Un nouveau skin est toujours intéressant.
Merci d'expédier un mail quand le mode d'emploi et les explications en français seront prêtes.
Robert Féraud

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 2 years ago

@CORTES: Nous allons essayer d'arranger une traduction française pour cela aussi. Cordialement

CORTES Gilberte

CORTES Gilberte 2 years ago

Ce skin doit être très intéressant mais n'ayant pas les explications en FRANCAIS il m'est impossible de l'utiliser. Pourrais-je en avoir la traduction?