Presenting jAlbum 19

I'm delighted to tell you about the news for our new jAlbum 19 release. The highlights consists of a significantly improved search bar and an embedded spell checker.

This is naturally a free update for you who are on a current support & update plan (sign in here or see jAlbum Help for your status). For the rest of you we offer discounted updates and another 30 days of free trial if you like to try it first (install to a parallel folder to keep your existing version).

Improved search
This summer we added an appreciated search bar to jAlbum's Settings window that lets you quickly locate settings by simply typing a matching word. Now this clever search bar has been extended to not only cover all jAlbum's user interface panels, but to also look for album projects and items within the currently opened project. This will be a welcome addition to anyone who maintains large or many album projects.
The enhanced search is located in jAlbum's top-right corner and can be quickly accessed by pressing CTRL+Space. Need to locate that "vertebrates" folder in your Zoology album? Simply type "verteb" in the new search bar and you'll be taken to that folder. Want to find all movies within the current album project? Just type ".mov". jAlbum also looks for image metadata like titles, descriptions and keywords, and it's fast too.
Once you've opened the search bar, you can start typing words to look up. jAlbum will present the matches found in a popup menu while it spiders your settings, projects and current project in the background to reveal matches. Here's an example of me locating items where I've mentioned "sugar" in my Pistachio ice cream gallery:
The spell checker
Embedded spell checkerThis feature has been requested for many years. I admit I never thought an embedded spell checker was that important for a gallery software, but let's face it, a great gallery should not only have great images, but great text too. Don't degrade the quality of your story telling gallery with misspelled words. With a spell checker embedded in jAlbum 19 I opened some of my galleries and found to my surprise that I had several misspelled words :-)
jAlbum will now highlight misspelled words as you edit titles, descriptions and keywords. Simply right click the word and select the right spelling from the popup menu (or add it to the dictionary). The spell checker uses jAlbum's language by default, but you can quickly switch dictionary language by right clicking a highlighted word. jAlbum comes bundled with dictionaries for English, German and Dutch. Additional languages are downloaded on demand (French, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Swedish. More languages can be compiled from Wiktionary articles). The spell checker can optionally be switched off under Preferences. Use shortcut F7 to open a spell checker dialog to quickly correct a larger text.
Credit to i-net software for enabling us to use their excellent spell checking library in jAlbum 19.
Warm regards
/David and the jAlbum team
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David Ekholm

David Ekholm 5 years ago

I'm glad you appreciate it John!


John-Simpson 5 years ago

I just want to that I really appreciate the spell checker feature. My Albums tend to be text heavy and I am not good at remembering the correct spelling of words. I'm now going back through my albums and doing the corrections.

I'm using Gromit skin which automatically detects line breaks and spaces without having to type in the BR code. It would be nice to get Bold text and italics too. So pleased with spell checker, although I never thought it would happen. Regards John