Meet the new rating widget and play with photo data!

During the development of the Filtering and Sort feature for Tiger (and Photoblogger) my mental model was a web shop where you can sophistically filter the products. However, a few users has suggested another use: filtering images by their “meta data” – the data added by the camera. This is something I always wanted to play with too. You can do such in Lightroom with your source images, but now visitors can do this in your web albums. Isn’t this awesome? Beyond the fun factor this new addition can be extremely useful when you sell images or just learn/teach photography.

Another important addition in the latest release is rating. (Find in Settings / Tiger / Site / Extra / Display rating.) By rating visitors can easily gather the best shots before they put them in the cart, or give feedback on them. The rating widget shows up in both the thumbnail view and in the lightbox.

One more thing. The search box was perhaps too subtle – hiding in the top bar – for a webshop use. Now you can choose to place it right in the middle of the “Hero” area, so no one has a chance to miss it. Settings / Tiger / Header / Top bar / Move search box within the Hero area

Check out all these enhancements in this Tiger sample album:

What’s more Photoblogger skin has received the same enhancements (besides the search box) the same day. Check out here:

By the way, this is a good example of how an album with sidebar can perform much better on “Above the fold content” front. Just check out the two screenshots above!

When your switch between Tiger and Photoblogger you don’t lose the settings either – don’t worry –, because they belong to the same skin family. (Note, it’s always best to start experimenting with a fresh copy: use File / Clone project, available in jAlbum 19+.)

Both sample albums have an “Instructions” page, which shows the technical details. Find below all the jAlbum variables worth checking out:

Name Explanation Data type
fileCategory Possible values are audio, folder, image, other, video, webLocation and webPage Single/multiple string
rating Inherits rating from the album creator, but visitors can freely modify it. Numeric range
formatName Type of image: PNG, JPG, TIFF, etc. Single/multiple string
fileSize Size of original file Numeric range
fileDate Date of original file Date range
addedDate Date of image added to album Date range
originalDate Date of picture taken Date range
resolution Original image resolution as written by camera Numeric range
flash If flash was used Single string
focalLength Focal length of the lens Numeric range
focalLength35mm Same as focalLength but converted to 35mm (film) equivalent Numeric range
exposureTime Exposure time Numeric range
resolution Original image resolution as written by camera Numeric range
isoEquivalent ISO equivalent Numeric range
aperture Aperture (F-number) Numeric range
focusDistance Focus distance Numeric range
meteringMode Metering mode (focus/exposure metering method) Single/multiple string
cameraMake Camera make (manufacturer) Single/multiple string
cameraModel Camera model (full model name) Single/multiple string
sensorType Camera sensor type Single/multiple string
keywords Keywords added in jAlbum and IPTC keywords Single/multiple string
category IPTC category Single/multiple string
You can find all the fields here, in the "File metadata" table.

... and some of the metadata of interest found in my pictures:

Name Explanation Data type
Brightness Value
Brightness Numeric range
Color Space Color space of the recorded image Single/multiple string
Contrast Contrast Single/multiple string
Exposure Bias Value
Exposure bias value Numeric range
Exposure Mode Exposure mode Single/multiple string
Exposure Program Exposure Program Single/multiple string
Lens Model Name and spec. of the lens Single/multiple string
Lens Specification Lens specification Single/multiple string
Scene Capture Type
Scene capture type Single/multiple string
Scene Type Scene type Single/multiple string
Sensitivity Type Sensitivity type Single/multiple string
Sharpness In camera sharpening Single/multiple string
Software Software used to process the image Single/multiple string
White Balance White balance value Single/multiple string
White Balance Mode White balance mode Single/multiple string
You can find the metadata recorded by your camera by Right-click → List metadata

But this is not all. jAlbum provides the possibility of adding custom variables to pictures. In Edit mode look for the "Variables" panel on the right. Here you can add a variable (and it’s value next to it) which you can refer to in the Filtering and Sort data. These variables also work for the Search and Tag cloud features.

Still, if you happen to stumble upon some tricky metadata – e.g. you would like to read out lens parameters from a complex string – you can use the Create custom slide variable tool to mine out data from any available field. Download the tool and read the instructions here.

I hope you’ll find as fun in this as I did. Moreover this is something you can try with a Standard license or (Premium account) too. If you don’t want to bother with filling in the Filtering box, simply import my settings by using the File / Import / Import settings from a published album menu, and provide the link to the sample album above.

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