Let your galleries speak!

With the freshly released jAlbum 28, your galleries can speak! Each image can now have an audio clip that plays automatically as you move through the gallery. This is great for instructional-type galleries like this one, or why not spice up your birds’ gallery with chirping bird sounds? You can record audio from within jAlbum or add existing audio files. jAlbum compresses the audio to roughly 10% of its original size to ensure that audio clips save both disk space and bandwidth. (The currently supported audio formats are mp3, m4a, and wav.)

We’ve naturally updated our most popular skins to support audio clips, including “Tiger“, “PhotoBlogger“, “Projector“, “Story” and “Minimal“, but you’ll also find some 3rd party skins supporting audio clips.

Apart from providing play/pause buttons to control audio playback, our skins also ensure that the page flipping in “slide show” mode respects the duration of the audio clips.

Curious? Let this explanatory gallery tell you, how to add audio clips to your galleries with jAlbum 28!

As always, find the full list of improvements and fixes in our release notes.