JAlbum integrated with Wordpress 2.0+

Hello there!

My name is Michael Schøler, and I'm a frequent user of JAlbum, and have been for quite some time now. I run my family website as a Wordpress blog, and having a couple of twins, age 2½, our little family produces "a few" photos each and every month of the year that need sharing with family and friends.

This has been a somewhat tedious task of making Wordpress play nice with login protected JAlbum's and vice versa, so I finally managed to pull together some of my skills in the field of computer science - 5 years of university studies finally paid off ;-) - resulting in a small new plugin which makes it possible to directly integrate JAlbum photo galleries into a Wordpress 2.0+ blog system.

Do you also want to save some time when you blog your photos? Simply download my WP_JALBUM v1.0 plugin from the Wordpress plugin database, and unzip it into the Wordpress plugins folder and you're set!

The plugin features an easy to use wizard interface which lets you set up how to integrate your desired JAlbum gallery (and even multiple galleries) into your article posts.

  • Easy to install, just unpack to plugins folder.
  • Integrated fully in the Wordpress settings and editor.
  • Easy to use wizard interface, no need to enter any HTML.
  • IFrame album post integration (use JAlbum theme).
  • Wordpress album post integration (use Wordpress theme).
  • Localizable album frontend. Any language can be applied.
  • Share login protected thumbnails on your blog but not the photo originals.

The plugin is configured using the Wordpress options page:

The Wordpress options page for the JAlbum plugin

The wizard now integrated in your Wordpress editor has three modes: "Full album", "Single photo" and "IFrame full album" (I'm working on more).

The Wordpress editor wizard for the JAlbum plugin

The first two modes lets you integrate one or more thumbnail sections from existing JAlbum galleries into your Wordpress layout, regardless of the choosen JAlbum theme. The plugin does this, by accessing the generated thumb and photo files directly, and applying the stylesheets from your current Wordpress theme automatically. These two modes are capable of sharing thumbnails of login protected albums on your blog system. You could also for instance choose to have the first 8 photos shown from an album gallery of several hundreds of photos - which gives the visiting user a small appetizer in your blog, instead of swamping it. When the visiting user clicks one of the thumbnails in the blog article, the full JAlbum gallery is opened in its own browser window, allowing for any needed authentication to be carried out for the full album access and giving the user a more comfortable user interface for navigating through a large gallery.

The last mode "IFrame full album" brings the entire JAlbum into your blog article, with the original JAlbum theme still applied. This gives you a great option for showing off your latest photos directly in the blog, with all the effects and eye-candy JAlbum offers. This solution is ideal for small galleries. Since this mode requires access to the entire album, it must be be a public album with no authentication required.

Remote and local galleries are supported in the IFrame mode, whereas only local galleries are supported in the two direct integration modes.

I'm working a second IFrame solution which is a combination of the two methods described above, ie. a method for sharing the thumbnails in a JAlbum themed album in your blog post, which requires authentication when an enlarged photo is requested.

For further installation, documentation and usage instructions please read through my JAlbum plugin for Wordpress page.

So, just start snapping your holiday photos and enjoy the thought of how easy it will be to share the pictures with friends and family when you get home!

Best regards,
Michael Schøler

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David Ekholm

David Ekholm 11 years ago

I'm sorry, I don't believe there have been any updates to this plugin

John Solberg

John Solberg 11 years ago

Is anything still happening regarding the plugin? I was very impressed with the construction of the site and would like to use the jalbum gallery inside a wordpress blog. Recommendations?


Roopa 13 years ago

Hello, i want to use the Plugin but I have after the installation an error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function load_plugin_textdomain() in /www/htdocs/w005e082/cms/wp-admin/wp_jalbum/wp _jalbum_options.php on line 11

can u help me please

Scott Parks

Scott Parks 13 years ago

An Iframe works well if the album fits the page. You might have to insert .css code to remove the Iframe border

iframe {
border: 0px solid #ffffff;
.I1 {
margin-left: 10px;
position: relative;
width: 500px;


modelim 14 years ago

hi, did kristofer got my mail with the access to my wordpress??


Dor 14 years ago

Hi modelim, please have a look in the Contacts page (footer of the main site) and send it to Kristoffer. Thanks.


modelim 14 years ago

i have installed it, it looks like it is installed, but i cant see where and how to use it, i have wordpress in hebrew, so you cant see, but if you send me your mail i will send you printscreen.

Carl Manneh

Carl Manneh 14 years ago

@modelim: the Jalbum blog badge is not in an iframe - it is loaded with Javascript. Have you followed the install instructions on the Wordpress plug-in page?


modelim 14 years ago

hello I have installed the Jalbum blog badge, but i could not see how it work, I see in the plug in section that this plug in is "on" but i can't understand how and where to proceed,how and where i add Jalbum gallery link. anyway, isn't it iframe too? this plug in (as I understand) is only for albums that on my Jalbum account, and not for an album I upload to the wordpress folder, why i need it if it just i frame?




Dor 14 years ago

Well, Jalbum albums are stand alone web pages so there isn't any trick than iframe that I can think of. I hope we can make this Wordpress integration work soon. Did you try the Jalbum blog badge for Wordpress? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/jalbum-bad ge/ It places a widget in the sidebar of your blog showing thumbs to your recent Jalbums.


modelim 14 years ago

thank you for your reply
can you give me an idea how i can use all my jalbum albums like ifram's in wordpress pages, but with out command,
maybe ajax, rss, or any trick you can imagine.
i am sure there's a solution, if i put the all album in the wordpress website folder, and its an html code (the album) how can it look integrated? how can we tell google notice that its a integrated collage and to read its content?
i think i will use that trick you will help me to find (hope so) until you or someone else will rase the glove and to a fine integration between jalbum and wordpress.
i hope you can help me (and other millions how are waiting....)with that.




Dor 14 years ago

Hi modelim, thanks for the encouragement. We'll look try to look into it, but we have a tight schedule and we're just a few people in the team. Hope you understand.


modelim 14 years ago


can you do some update to your plugin so it will fit wordpress 2.71?
i can not use it, and i need it
i am wiiling to pay you