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Running a site often forces you to make fundamental decisions right from the beginning. Shall I base my site on a CMS (Content Management System) or I can edit my pages myself? How can I present my huge photo collection? On one hand CMS’s make the site building a piece of cake, but they aren’t designed for multimedia – they are still a blogging platform at heart. On the other hand, while jAlbum can cope with tedious amount of structured media, is not designed for textual content.

We’ve seen various attempts to marry these platforms, but none was perfect. Using an IFRAME element to embed another page became helplessly obsolete with the advent of mobile devices, because you can’t define such a small area that would fit into the smallest screen. This method also beats the purpose of responsive albums. Using separate album pages, and only link to them from your main site raises site uniformity concerns. Even if the skin is highly customizable you can’t fully match your site’s theme.

This is why we decided to make a plugin for Wordpress – the most popular CMS platform – that can bring jAlbum albums into your pages and posts. Visitors are presented with an embedded slide show, the “projector”, which comes in a multitude of appealing and configurable styles. The images are optionally clickable, and once clicked, visitors meet a full-page jAlbum gallery where there is no end to functionality and customizability. The gallery maintainer (you) will appreciate that jAlbum is designed to efficiently handle large amounts of images. The gallery is edited offline and finally pushed to the server with the click of a button. Once set up, you only use jAlbum to maintain the gallery. No need to upload images one-by-one the Wordpress way.

Wordpress integration page »

If your site isn’t based on Wordpress, don’t worry, we were thinking of you too. Check out our

jAlbum Bridge designer »


Get started!


Create and upload a jAlbum gallery made with any skin that generates JSON files like “Tiger” or “Responsive” or tick the “Generate JSON Data” option under Settings → Advanced → Metadata for other skins (option available in jAlbum 15.3.3 and up)


Go to your WordPress page’s dashboard and get our plugin from here. From this point on a new button will appear in the editor – jAlbum box – which can be used both for creating new projectors and editing the existing ones. After you’ve finished with the options click “Update” on the popup and “Update” the post (or page) too.


Sorry, no more steps :) – Enjoy the result!

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