jAlbum goes responsive!


Posted Feb 8, 2016

by thiloilg

According to the increasing use of mobile devices, jAlbum raised its number of responsive designed skins lately. One of the new responsive skins is "Responsive", which focuses on a responsive design as well as an easy way to embed the skin into other websites.


What is responsive design?

Responsive design adjusts the size of the content to the current device you are watching the application on in a way that it fits to the surroundings. Responsive design places importance on the interaction between the device and the application and applies different navigation styles for touch devices, desktop devices etc. With the help of responsive design you can show your galleries easily to your friends using mobile devices where ever you are.


What is the difference between a JavaScript embedding compared to an iframe embedding?

Iframe embedding has a static size which is difficult to change. It just includes a piece of another website on a certain position into your website. JavaScript embedding is responsive embedding. It can adjust itself easily to the structure and appearance of the website you want to embed the album in. It also allows you to view images in full screen, adopt font families, background colors as well as other style elements.


Why should you use the new skin “Responsive”?

The skin “Responsive” provides a decent looking responsive design which focuses on simplicity and plainness. It also provides JavaScript embedding as well as video support, touch support and different styles which can be easily adjusted in the jAlbum software. Responsive is made for users who already have a website build with different other website building tools or website building helpers like WordPress, Bootstrap, Yola and others.


What would be a good usage example for “Responsive”?

If you manage a football club website and you want to showcase pictures of different games  but do not know how to showcase them in a proper way here is what you can do. Get jAlbum, organize your images with the help of the software which can handle tons of images easily, choose the responsive skin, select a special skin design of your choice, click make Album, upload the album, pick the generated JavaScript code from the "Share" tab and copy it to your preferred location of your own website. You and visitor of your website will have the ability to comment on each picture of your gallery using the jAlbum widget.


Interested in implementing your own responsive skin?

Check out the single page web album entry in the development center!


Here are two examples how the website could look like:

WordPress example        Bootstrap example


What are you waiting for? Get jAlbum and get started!!!

Download links:      


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Dennis J

Dennis J 2 years ago

Hey Thiloilg,

Great to see that jAlbum is going responsive. It's so important for any website to be mobile ready. Especially for ecommerce themes, people should be able to view your site on their phones. This is done with a responsive design.

Keep up the great work,


peekpoke1 3 years ago

Thank you very much for your work!! I really like this Skin and will use it.
Is there a documentation of the Settings available (other then the ones in the Skin Generator?) Specifically, Background Color Setting when the Image is on top of the thumbnail-page. A portrait-Image does not fully cover the Background. Is there a way to Change (opacity?color?) to white?
And again: great work!